Monday, July 1, 2013

Our First Walk

The local park is a two minute walk from my house and the weather was tolerable, so Charlie and I headed there for a walk on Saturday.  I wish I could say the weather was beautiful, but I wouldn't call 82 and humid beautiful by any means.

We were less than 40 yards from the house and she had already peed twice.  Seriously, this girl pees everywhere.  A walk takes twice as long as it should because of all the stops we have to make.  Sheesh.

If you're wondering what she's wearing - it's called an easy walk harness.  It's the best $15 I've ever spent. The leash attaches in the front, so if Charlie pulls against me, she gets turned back to me - meaning, she doesn't get to where she wants to go if she pulls.  It took her two minutes to figure it out and since then, our walks have been smooth sailing.

Not sure why, but this harness also keeps her from barking and growling at other dogs.  It's like there's no other dog in the world when she has this thing on.  It's amazing.

Seeing all these beautiful plants made me wish I had my macro lens with me.

It was a hot night, but we had a very nice walk.  Charlie was exhausted when we got back to the house and she was on the couch the rest of the night - that's when I know our walk was a success.


  1. I'm still in Oregon but flying back home tomorrow. So today is my day to catch up on your postings that I've missed the last 3 weeks I've been gone. What a beautiful park you have close by. I'm jealous. So now I'll finish reading the rest of your postings I missed....

    1. haha I was wondering where you were! I hope you had an amazing trip!!