Friday, July 26, 2013

Kitchen Update

This is what my kitchen looked like when I bought my house on March 15th.  Since then, not much has changed.  This orangy-brown is gone and is now a very light gray.

The light gray has made a big difference in how the kitchen feels, but I'll tell you what - those maroon counters?  Yeah, they are really bringing things down.

Yikes, talk about yikes.  Hey, I know that maroon counters are what some people love, but this just isn't me.  Not in the slightest.  

When I bought that house, the counters were first on the to-do list.  I knew I didn't want anything expensive - just a quick fix until I really make up my mind about what to do in this kitchen.

When Mom and I took our huge spend-a-ton-of-money trip to Ikea, I purchased these countertops.  At $69 each, they were right in my price range.  Black would not be my first pick, but I didn't like any of the other options and this will be a nice switch from the maroon.

I'm also looking forward to upgrading the sink and faucet.  The most amazing faucet has been sitting in a box for over a year now.  I can't wait to use it.  It'll be nice to not be squirted by a leaky faucet ever time I turn it on.  That got old about 3 days into living here.  Charlie's not a fan of it either.  Every once in awhile the leaky faucet manages to squirt water over the counters and onto her.

This sink will get a nice upgrade as well.  

Along with counter, sink and faucet upgrades, I'll also be getting...drum roll please...A DISHWASHER.  Oh my goodness.  I could not be more excited.  The dishwasher will be replacing that set of drawers on the far right of the sink.

But I don't want to lose those drawers.  So we are going to move that set of drawers to the left of the stove and then the cabinet that is there will be gone.  In such a small kitchen, you may be wondering why I'm willing to lose cabinet space.

I'll tell you why - because I hate doing the dishes.  Also, I have plenty of room.  When Mom and I were moving me into the kitchen, we purposefully left the soon-to-be-leaving cabinet empty.  Not only that, but I have several upper shelves that are empty and, while I was moving stuff out of the kitchen, I discovered an empty drawer.  Like I said, plenty of space.

While half of the kitchen is getting some major upgrades, the other half will be staying just as it is.  Minus the uncovered outlets and a little decorating, there's nothing left to do over there.

The large windows in here are pretty awesome.  I'm excited to figure out some neat ways to decorate them.

This is Charlie's section of the kitchen.  Her water bowl and little rug.  I had to put a rug in here for her or she was always under my feet while I was cooking.  Now she has a dedicated place to sit so she's not under foot.  Her rug of choice has lately been the living room rug, so I might be able to move this sucker.

The lights in the kitchen are some of my favorites in the whole house.  I have big plans for this sucker.  What I really need to learn is how to take off and put on lights because there are a lot of lights in this house that could use some love.

This archway in the kitchen is also one of my favorite things.  Random fact - my clock is an hour off schedule.  Didn't even realize that until I took this photo.

LOVE this light.  LOVE the shape.  LOVE the milk glass look.  All it needs is a little spray paint.  Actually, this light may be coming down.  I have two small chandeliers waiting to be hung and I'd love to put one of them here.  If I don't use it here, I'll put it somewhere else in the house.

When I come home on Saturday, I'm going to walk into a kitchen that is under construction.  My dad said "You may not have a sink for a few days."  My reply - "No problem, I don't like doing the dishes anyway."


  1. I too love that arch, your kitchen fixes sound great and who said paper plates are only for picnics? Sometimes they're a nice alternative to having dishes to wash after a meal!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the post with the pictures of all these changes -- and now that I have your address I can come see it all in person sometime soon :)

    1. Hi Kim! I can't wait to show you what it looks like! That is my number one priority tonight - take pics of the kitchen to post Thursday (fingers crossed). When did life get so busy? :) Stop by anytime! -Ginner

  3. That leaky faucet needs to be fixed soon. It's not proper to waste water and as it reaches your floor, it could damage other parts of your home. So, were you able to fix it? How is it now?

    -Deon Naranjo @ SWN Plumbing