Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Craft Room Update

Believe it or not, I'm done unpacking.  Actually you probably believe it and I'm the one that's a little skeptical.  It hit the me other day - There are no more boxes to unpack and no more storage items to drag down to the basement.  It's a great feeling.  Once all the remodeling is finished, I'm sure I'll have some more work to do, but at least it's done for now.

Having my craft room done has been really nice.  Maybe I should clarify - nothing is really "done".  There are still pictures to hang and minor things to put away, but the big things are done.

The long bench has been a great addition to this room.  There's so much storage space.  At this point, I don't even have enough things to fill it, but I know that will change!

Take a look at that ac unit - and I wonder why my house is infested with bugs.  I took care of the gaps on the sides.  I didn't even realize there was a gap underneath.

The reason both computers are at my desk is because I went through a little crisis last week:

My PC has been running even slower than normal.  I thought a software update might speed things up. When I couldn't get the update to work, I called customer service for help.  Two hours later - my computer wasn't working at all.  Then I had to wait a week for replacement software, which I installed Saturday.  Thirty minutes after installing the new software, my computer was working again and I was in tears.  All of my photos were gone.  All of them.

Thankfully, they weren't gone for long.  Just long enough for me to be completely devastated.    Unbeknownst to me, customer service has backed up all of my files before doing the update.  The photos are currently on my external harddrive since I'm still having issues with my computer, but at least I have them.

This container is full of art and photos that still need to be hung up.  That in itself is going to be a big job.  I'm very nervous about hanging things on these very annoying plaster walls.

While everything has been moved in, there is still work to be done - like this awful door, for example.  I'm not even quite sure how to tackle that.  I think I'll put it off for awhile.

Like I said, there's still a lot that needs to be cleaned up, but I'm at least on track and I can walk into this room without cringing at the mess.  Also, that pink washi tape on the edge of the shelf was a little test to see if I like it.  I think the verdict is - yes, I do like it.

My cart from ikea is already full of projects!  I'm waiting to do a house warming party until Esther is home - so it won't be until December - but that doesn't mean the planning has to wait until then!  It's going to be so fun!

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