Monday, July 8, 2013

Bathroom Update

It dawned on me the other day that I haven't taken any real pictures of the updated bathroom.  It's come along way!  Take a look - 

The board and batten is finished and the crown molding is up!  My dad is amazing.  Seriously, how skilled is he?  Tile, plumbing, electrical, board and batten - what can't he do?

The floor is my favorite part (thank you for installing it, Frank!).  I'm in love with this tile.  Don't you just love this photo?  It's very artistic - just look at the way the toilet paper is blowing in the wind.

My goal for this bathroom is to have a light and bright bathroom with a little contrast.  The vanity is the only dark thing in the room.  White board and batten, toilet, sink, tub and tile paired with a dark vanity and roman shade (using this fabric).  Then I plan to paint the walls gray (go figure).

ps. This vanity is a-ma-zing.  Instead of having doors, it has two drawers.  They are huge!  I can fit so much stuff in there.  A perk of having a small bathroom -  the doors can be reached from the toilet, so I don't have to keep extra toilet paper out in the open.  It's a small detail, but I'm thrilled.

I'm also loving this faucet.  There's something about the way it looks that I'm sort of obsessed with. Is it weird that I look forward to brushing my teeth every day because I get to use this faucet?  Also, I love the way it feels when I turn off the water.  Can't quite explain that one, but it's true.

My shower is looking amazing as well.  I received this shower head from Delta at last year's Delta Blogger Event.  It's been packed away, just waiting for a new home.  Dad recently hung up the shower curtain rod, so I was finally able to use this sucker.

At the blogger event, I remember one of their engineers telling us that the new technology allowed for bigger water droplets.  At the time I thought "eh. that's cool, but whatev."  That was over a year ago, so I had totally forgotten about it - but as soon as I took a shower using this baby, I remembered it again because I could actually feel the bigger droplets.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty darn amazing.

Say hello to my crown molding and picture ledge (and my very dirty walls).  I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!  Again, my dad did an amazing job.  That little ledge is perfect and it will be great for putting decoration in the bathroom.

One of my favorite details about this little ledge is how it ends over the trim for the window.

He did the same thing where it ends at the tile.  It's such a nice finishing touch.

This beauty cost me an arm and a leg.  I'm too embarrassed to tell you exactly how much I paid for it, but I will tell you that it cost me over $100.  Apparently, corner rods aren't the norm.  They have to be special ordered.  If buying an expensive curtain rod is the price I have to pay to have two open sides to my tub, it was well worth it. I love this tub and I LOVE that it's not closed in on all sides.

The township wasn't a fan of the heating vent being in the shower.  Before I moved in, they made the previous owner cover it up and put in electric baseboard heating.  I hated that.  The electric baseboard barely worked (if it even worked at all).  So I ripped off the cover to the original vent and my dad took out that crappy heater.

For now, I have plastic wrap over the vent to stop any water from going down it.  Frank will be making me a custom vent cover that prevents the water from going down, but still allows the heat to come out.  Until then, painters tape and plastic wrap will do the trick.

And there you have it.  The current state of my bathroom.  It has been so amazing to see it all together.

I can't even say enough how amazing my family has been in this whole process.  My dad has spent his nights, weekends, holidays and vacation days at my house.  I am so blessed.  None of this would ever have happened without my amazing, talented family.

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