Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Best Visitors

Last night, I got a very nice surprise – Mom, Char, Cam and Hannah stopped in for dinner.  They not only stopped in, they brought food, made dinner and did the dishes!  How did I get so lucky?

Cam had a good time finding all the toys stashed around my house.  I kept most of the books I bought while teaching and I store them on my bookshelf so he can get to them easily. There are a lot of Berenstain Bear books in that stash - he got them all out and put them in a pile.  Pretty sure he wanted to read all of them.

Those books are my favorite, too.  My all time favorite is The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room because I liked when they organized all of their toys.  Am I my mother's daughter or what?

I love when Hannah looks at you like she forgot you were there.  "Oh! Hey Grandma! When did you get here? Oh, you've been holding me for 20 minutes?  Who knew!"

What a little ham.  Every time I pointed the camera at her, she gave me this big smile.  This little lady knows when she's the center of attention and she likes it!

After dinner we read a few books on the dining room floor.  He loves The Pout Pout Fish because we say the "blub, bluuub, bluuuuuub" part together (I love it, too).  I also read him one of my favorites, I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.  I read it to my Kindergarteners all the time and we loved it.

"I wish that I had duck feet
and I can tell you why
you can splash around in duck feet
you don't have to keep them dry

I wish that I had duck feet
no more shoes
no shoes for me
the man down at the shoe store
would not have my size you see"

I know quite a bit of it by heart.  It makes me laugh.

Check out this little crawler.  I'll tell you what, there is no better feeling than having a laughing/smiling baby crawl to you when you walk in the door.  By the time I got on the floor to take a few crawly-baby photos, she was already grabbing the camera.  I had to put her back across the room and try again.

Frisbees as shoes.  It's a new thing.  Try it.  #trendsetter

It was so fun to have such wonderful visitors.  It made me wish that a certain neighbor lived a few feet away instead of a few countries away.  We can't wait until you're home, Est!

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