Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday House Status

After a disappointing day on Saturday, I left the house feeling frustrated.  My mom literally made me go back to the house.  She was certain that, even though we couldn't cover any outlets, there was unpacking that we could do.  My exact words were "I believe you. Sort of."

Big surprise - she was right.  And since I'm not afraid to say when I'm wrong (sometimes), my exact words on the way home were "Thanks for making me go."  Hurray for progress!

ps. How cute is Charlie's little nose in this picture? Ah. I love this pup.

I started by putting the new TV stand together. It fits nicely on the wall between the closet and the doorway to the dining room.  Esther has been letting me borrow her TV while she is living abroad.  I didn't think it was possible, but this TV is too big for me.  When Esther moves home and I buy a new TV for myself, I'll be getting something a little smaller.

I also have two end tables to put together.  This one is about 75% finished - I was too frustrated with it to continue (sometimes you just have to walk away before you stab it with a screwdriver).  Charlie is always a big help when it comes to building things.  She loves to stand on my leg and lick my face while I work.  It's a distraction, but certainly a welcomed one.

See what I mean?  She's a big help.  There's something about dogs, they just love to be part of the action.

Lately, I haven't been bringing this pup with me to the house.  She would pace around and pant: feeling uncertain of her surrounding.  It was more stressful for her to be there than to just wait at home.  While we were at the house on Sunday, we got out her blanket, pillow and pillow pet and set up her side of the couch.  She slept and relaxed there all day.  We've moved a lot together and she never feels at home until the couch is set up.  When she saw my mom get out the pillow pet, she perked up. It was actually pretty adorable.

We started to spread out the furniture, but then moved it back before we left so the electrician could finish up on Monday.  I am hoping and praying that Monday is his last day.  I don't think my heart can handle another electrician bill.

The last time you saw this room it was down to the studs (or planks or whatever is behing plaster).  Dad whipped this out in just a few hours.  Drywall is a beautiful thing.

While I put furniture together, Mom worked on moving me into the linen closet and craft room.  We have started opening boxes and putting things away.  It's a good feeling.

We also put the hutch in place and emptied a ton of boxes.  It really does feel like Christmas to open up these boxes.  Every time we opened another one I kept hearing myself say "Oh I forgot about that!" "Oh yeah - I forgot I had that." "Oh I love this!".  I can't wait until we get to my Taiwain/Thailand/Vietnam souvenirs.  When I got home from that trip I unpacked my suitcase and put it all into storage.  It's going to be so fun to get it out and display it in my new home.

Again, a big thank-you to my mom.  We both know I get overwhelmed by the huge mess that happens during packing/unpacking - thanks for keeping me focused and sane.  Thanks for making me go on Sunday!

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