Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Longing

My facebook feed has been flooded with all my teacher friends' days-til-summer countdowns.  I'm not gonna lie, I miss summer vacation.  That probably doesn't surprise you.  This is my second summer working a full-year job.

When I let myself imagine life with summers off, I start to count all the things I could get done. Do you know how many home projects I could get done if I didn't have to work?  Do you know how many blog posts I could write?  How many pictures I could take with actual daylight?  How many new recipes I could try in my new kitchen?

It's no wonder that I was starting to get very jealous of my friends that would soon be enjoying their summer vacation.  Then God did that thing he does - he reminded me how blessed I am.

Do you know what I did last Friday?  I went to an amazing studio to shoot a product video.  Yup.  That is part of my job.  Ya know what another part of my job is?  To edit that footage into a brand video.  I can officially add "video editor" to my resume.  Crazy!

Do you know what I did today?  I worked an 11 hour day - for fun.  Yup.  For fun.  There are days when I miss teaching (not because I miss teaching, but because I miss the kids) but I am loving this job.  There are days where my job is stressful and I worry that I won't be skilled enough to do what needs doing.

Do you know what else?  Even when I move to my new home, I'll only be 15 minutes from the people that matter most.  I'll also have a backyard for the dog who matters most.

My experience with teaching wasn't easy.  There are many things I would have changed, but God knew better.  Because of where I lived and worked as a teacher, I fully understand how amazing my current job/home/life is.

So, while I dearly miss my summers off, I am so thankful that I love my job.  While it's not easy to wait for my new home, I am so thankful to have a job I love that pays the mortgage.  While it's not easy to get up everyday, I'm so thankful that I work with amazing, kind and friendly people that I laugh with every. single. day.

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