Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something Different

My job lately has been all about movies.  Well, mostly editing movies.  Since I learn as I go, I've been doing a lot of learning lately.  It's fun, exhausting and stressful, but mostly fun.  The best way for me to learn is by doing - so I thought I'd practice at home.  Here's a little video of my evening meal.

1. It's my first blog video, don't judge too harshly (I've got you covered on that).
2. This was made Tuesday night, by the time I watch it Wednesday morning I'm sure I'll want to make a million changes.
3. I looked like a complete idiot taking video of salt at the grocery store.
4. I tried not to care.
5. I did care.
6. I'm trying to get over that.
7. I'm not very successful.
8. It's a miracle - I didn't have to bribe my dog to come inside (that might have had something to do with the 95 degree weather).
9. I picked that bottle of olive oil because I liked the label the best.
10. The meal was very good and I have enough for two lunches.
11. Here's the recipe.
12. I left out the weird looking beans.
13. Yes, I'm very sophisticated when it comes to food.

Happy Wednesday!

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