Sunday, June 23, 2013


We have officially moved into our home.  Charlie is still a little confused.  When I leave the house she freaks out a little and tries to sneak out the door with me, but she'll get there.

Last week was full of rushing around and late nights (mostly for my dad).  He was determined to get the bathroom ready for me.   There is still a lot to be done, but I can bathe here and that made moving in possible.

There are probably 2 times during the year when I get sick, this moving-in weekend happened to be one of them.  It made moving in difficult, but not impossible.  I'd put things away here and there, clean up, put more things away...and then sleep.  More cleaning, more sleeping.  Right now is one of those rest times.  Charlie and I are relaxing on the couch while I build my strength for the next round of cleaning.  

I love that you can see her little fat roll in that last picture.  She was groomed last week and due to a mix up with the clippers, her hair is extra, extra short.  She looks naked compared to her normally scruffy self.  It's pretty hilarious actually.  Who knew that under all of that dark and red hair, there was a little blondie? 

It's been wonderful to relax in our home without having to drive anywhere or go back to my parents house.  I'm determined to get everything unpacked this week.  I'm sick of walking around boxes and piles.  Hopefully I am successful!

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