Monday, June 17, 2013

Current Happenings and House Update

This photo has almost nothing to do with this post, I just thought I'd share it with you.  It's a good way to start a post, am I right?  Yes. I'm right.  You're welcome.

My dad and I are currently tiling my bathroom.  And by "currently" I mean, at this very moment.  And by "My dad and I" I mean - 99% my dad, 1% me.  I cut the tile and he does the rest.  So while I sit here waiting for my next piece to cut, I thought I'd update you on the goings-on.  It's been a big weekend for us!

Friday was a big day for this little guy (and his family) - Frank and Char settled on their house and now own a beautiful home which they can really make their own (aka, they are already talking about ripping out a wall).  It's perfect for them. They've already started painting.  The painting that I did in a month took Frank two days.  He's very skilled.

Randomly, this house comes with a spot for a camper.  Cam could care less about the camper hook-ups, he's just loving the rocks. He even shared some of them with me.

This little lady has also had a very big weekend!  Aside from getting a new house (which she could care less about), she started crawling this weekend!  Our little lady is finally motoring around!  It's very exciting (minus the part about us needing to be much tidier).

He has already found a stick, a pipe and some mud to play in.  Such a dude.  I've been at the new house with him twice and about once ever 2 minutes he says "Can I go outside?"  The backyard is perfect.

Oh hey, where'd you come from?

Ok, now I'm completely thrown off.  I put this photo in this post on purpose and planned to say something funny/clever and now I'm totally distracted.  Ok...moving on...stop looking at his arms, stop looking at his arms. 

On Saturday, we went to Lowe's to pick a paint color for Charlotte's living room.  Of course, we picked gray.  A beautiful, warm gray.  Cam loves going to Lowe's.  Before we even got in the car to head there, he asked if he could ride in the blue car.  He loves that it has a steering wheel.

Hannah loved it, too.  It didn't hold her attention for as long as it did his, but she still had fun.

 Saturday was also a big day for my house, too. TILE. The tile is finally going in.  I'm so excited! It's really looking nice and bright and white.

Can you believe it used to be blue?  Triple yikes.  This bathroom looks completely different and I'm so thrilled.  Actually, it's been awhile since I saw what the bathroom used to look like - so glad Mom convinced me to redo it now and so grateful that my family volunteered to do the work.

This is my newest job, cutting tile.  It's simple, easy and doesn't take any real DIY skill, so it's perfect for me.  I've got experience with drills and levels and other basic tools, but this was a new one for me.

Also, Saturday night was a big night for Mel and me.  This was her first time seeing an IMAX movie and her first time seeing a 3D movie - she got both together and it was amazing.  It was a big night for me because I got to see Superman.  I haven't gone to a movie on opening weekend in I don't even know how long.  I'm so glad I didn't wait.  Superman has always been my favorite super hero.  Not sure why, though.  I've never been a comic book reader and I don't remember watching Superman cartoons.  I just always thought it wasc cool that he could fly.

This Superman movie has blown every other Superman movie out of the water.  Along with picking a  gorgeous brown-haired blue-eyed an amazing, talented actor, the story line was great and the action was incredible.  I mean, the man who brought us the Dark Knight also brought us the Man of Steel.  That right there should tell you how amazing this movie is.  I can't wait for the next one! There better be a next one.

Knowing that I've been hunting for a bathroom mirror, Char let me know that there were some nice ones at a neighbor's yard sale.  On Saturday morning, I got to catch up with a friend and getting a perfect mirror was an added bonus (on top of that, she gave it to me for free).  I love that it's just, sort of, a silhouette of a very ornate mirror.  It needs some love, but it's nothing I can't handle. 

The plan is to glue back on the piece that fell off (bottom left) and take off that curly-q on the top right and left sides.  After a good patching and some sanding, I would like to paint it a very bright color.  I need to dig through my stash, but I'm sure I have some art that would be perfect for the bathroom.  Once I choose the art inspiration, I'll base the mirror color off of that.  Whatever color I chose, I'd like it to be bright since the rest of the bathroom is very white. 

Randomly in this photo is also the bathroom light I chose earlier that morning when we were picking paint for Char. It was perfect...before I got this mirror.  I love the mirror more than the light, so I'll need to find another vanity light option.  Back to the drawing board, again! 

It's currently 11:41 on Saturday night.  This photo is actually out of date already.  Dad has finished all of the tiling and is now cleaning up.  You know what this means?  I'm one step closer to moving in.  I think the next thing on the to-do list is add the shower features, so I can bathe at my own house.

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!"  Name that's from...Elf.

I always feel a little conceited when I say that I love how things look in my house because I made all of the choices. When I imagined buying and renovating a home, I didn't think I'd be doing it alone.  I figured there'd be a husband around to bounce ideas off of and have someone else to blame credit.  My family has been a huge help in picking out things for my house, but when it comes down to it, if it looks awful and ugly - it's all my fault.  I've had to make all executive decisions.  

So when I say "I love it" or "It turned out beautifully" just translate that to "Oh, thank goodness. I'm so glad it doesn't suck." 


  1. The bathroom is looking great! I've enjoyed checking your blog every once in awhile to see the progress. Keep it up :)

    1. Hi Jess! Thanks so much! I'm really excited to see the progress, too. It's been worth the wait! Have a great week! -Virginia