Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Latest

Wednesday, I had a rare night off.  My 13 year old neighbor had designed a dress for a recycled fashion show at her school.  Of course I had to go!  Her younger sister was the model and they both were amazing.  The dress was fantastic.  

It was wonderful to have a night off.  I got home and just reclined on the couch while watching Buying and Selling (def not my favorite HGTV show) until heading to the show.  I got home at 7:40 and thought, "Hey! I have time to do something else!" haha Normally, I get home at 9:30/10 and go right to bed after giving the dog some attention.

At 7:40, I looked at the clock, I look at my dog, and decided I was going to go somewhere else.  I grabbed the pup and headed to Joann Fabrics.  Charlie may be stuck in the car the whole time, but it's better than leaving her home alone! Besides, she loves car rides.

I've been dying to get some materials for birthday presents, but just haven't had the time.  Now I have the materials and all I need is the time. 

Ok, here's the latest on the house - 

Dad and I spent Monday and Tuesday night at the house.  Dad worked in the bathroom to update the plumbing, take out that baseboard heater, and trash the vinyl flooring.  As you can see, we also got the the old sink out.  My oh my.  That sucker is heavy.

We got it down the stairs and into the backyard.  That was no easy task and I'm thankful we made it without me dropping it.

I wondered how long it would take me to turn my garage into a work area.  Didn't take very long!  While Dad worked in the bathroom, I primed the board and batten.  It's really nice to be standing up and painting instead of sitting on the floor or standing on a ladder.  And the weather was so nice that it made painting even a little fun!

Frank is going to start installing the floor on Friday.  The goal is to have a new floor and new toilet installed before the weekend is over.

Mom was a very busy lady while we were away.  She packed my entire living room! Seriously, it's all packed - down to the dog treats.  She also packed Charlie's toys.  Charlie is not too thrilled about that.

 While I admit, the yard doesn't look amazing, at least the grass is mowed!  And the japanese maple trees are looking absolutely gorgeous!! Now if I could just get some actual grass to grow...

This right here, is one of the main reasons I fell in love with my home.  Could this street be any dreamier?  I just love it.  Just wait until the trees get all of their leaves.  Just you wait.

In other news, I'm onto my 6th audiobook of this renovation.  I told myself I wasn't going to listen to anything scary, but I can't help it anymore.  I LOVE the Alex Cross books and this one has not let me down.  Can't wait to see what happens next!!

ps. Charlie turns 5 on Friday!

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  1. I know first-hand your mom is just as good at unpacking as she is at packing...she flew to Idaho and helped me unpack after I had just had back surgery. Wow - you have talented guys redoing your bathroom who actually show up and get it done!!! You cannot find better people than family!