Monday, May 13, 2013

Projects on Hold

Over the weekend several things happened -

1. I moved into the basement bedroom
2. Frank, Char, and the kids moved into the two upstairs rooms
3. The last large load of my stuff went to my house.

Char and Frank close on their new house in June, until then it's going to be like an episode of Full House in this place, minus Uncle Joey's weird puppets.

Even though my life is in a shambles and my belongs are in two different houses, it hasn't stopped me from pinning.  Seriously, Pinterest is so bad right now.  I have all of these things I want to do, but no where to do them and no time.  Moving in and getting settled is going to be wonderful for more than one reason.

This beautiful paper garland was made to be a backdrop for a wedding.  I love the bright colors along with gold metallic.  It's something you could use for Christmas, parties and home decoration.  Something I definitely need to make. 

These DIY wood coasters would make an awesome wedding, shower or birthday present.  

The captain chair that I bought months ago is now sitting in the basement of my new home.  I can't wait to finish that project and add some fun and color to my living room.  I love the way this chair is painted.

This fine line drawing is wonderful.  It's a simple DIY process that anybody can do.  That's why I love it.  I can't draw to save my life, so this little tutorial has me excited.  I'd love to do this with a picture of my home and neighborhood. 

These paper stars are so pretty.  I love paper crafts.  Something so simple, like paper, can be turned into so many amazing things.  Plus, paper projects are almost always cheap! And my mortgage-paying-self loves cheap!

I can't wait to be settled into my new home, but that won't be happening any time soon. Here's what my bathroom and hallway looked like on Friday night - 

It's a little scary, but I trust that my Dad knows what he's doing.  Plus, if this is what it takes to get updates, then this is what we'll do.

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  1. Your dad definitely knows what he's doing...Grandma has a beautifully renovated little house to prove it! Won't be long and you'll be in your own place!