Friday, May 10, 2013

Practice (and a house update)

After the photo class, I was determined to start practicing.  This beautiful tree is located in my neighbors yard.  When I saw the beautiful, purple blooms, I made my way over.  I took two photos and then I literally ran away.  It's like a bee's nest!  Scary, scary, scary.  Beautiful, but scary.

It's always fun to see people at the sandbox. You can hear the squeals of delight and laughter from miles away.

At our photography class, Beira's advice was not to use photoshop actions to change your photos.  She said that it will date your photos.  It was such a good point and a great challenge. I often use actions to enhance my photos, but they should be able to stand on their own.

I ended up putting a stylet from RadLab on this photo because I love that it made it look like a warm summer day.  Plus, this photo didn't turn out to be as exciting as I'd hoped.

I love the challenge of not putting an action on the photos.  It was honestly really hard.  All I did to this was was up the contrast a little.

Same with this one - just a little boost in contrast.  This photo is a little soft and the focus isn't in the right place, but I really love to see the sun shining through.  I love winter, but I always miss the sun.

My macro lens is packed away somewhere.  I wish I would have had it for this little guy.  A spring bud just popping up.  He's a little behind his buddies, but he'll bloom in time.

Char took this photo from under our favorite maple tree.  This is exactly what it feels like under that tree.  Cool and refreshing.

Frank and Lukey moved away from the sandbox for a little one v. one soccer game.  Lukey yelled "The goals are the trees!" and Cam ran over to the tree, grabbed it and said "I got it!"  It was pretty adorable.  He declared himself to be on Frank's team and in the same sentence switched to Lukey's team.  We'll work on his understanding of soccer later.

These pipes are important for some reason that I don't remember.  We always got in trouble from Dad for standing on them.  When we stood jumped on them it made the caps really hard for Dad to get off.  When Cam jumped onto them, it was our turn to play parents (well, Char actually is a parent) and tell him to get off.

He decided to play the bongos instead.

Playing with sand and friends is full of lessons - what to do and what not to do.  This photo was taken after one of those little lessons.  He looks so sad in this photo.  One minute later, he was laughing and play again.

House Update:

It seems that as soon as I post an update, it's already out of date! Things happen so quickly. That'll slow down now that my dad is going on his business trip.

This weekend, is going to be a crazy one! Can't wait (minus the moving part). I'm moving into the basement so Char and Frank can move into my two room suite while they transition to a new home.  It's going to be a packed house here, but I can't wait.  It's going to be a like a sleepover every night.  I'm never going to get anything done with Char's cute kids at the house 24/7.

This was the status of the bathroom two nights ago. The board and batten is really getting there! Don't pay attention to the huge hole in the plaster on the far left.  That will be getting patched.

This is what the bathroom currently looks like.  The toilet is in!  Hurray!  It's a brand new toilet.  I spent a little more money to get the dual flush, but I'm loving it.  We did a test flush before the toilet's first true test and it went great.  The #1 flush uses such a small amount of water and goes so quickly! The #2 flush doesn't use that much more water, but it's really powerful.  The old toilet was practically over flowing with water and would take about 30 seconds to flush and didn't work well at all.  This was definitely worth the money!

The board and batten that is finished is nailed to the walls.  I can't wait to get in here and finish painting.  The thing I'm most excited to see?  The crown molding and picture shelf that goes around the top of the board and batten.  I just can't wait!

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  1. amazing pics, gin. you are an incredible photographer! inspired by your passion <3