Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photography Class

Over the weekend, Char and I did something fun - we took a photography class!  When I stopped by Char's house to pick her up, I had this conversation with Cam -

"Why did you come to our house?"
"To pick up your mom."
"Oh. Where are you going?"
"We are going to a class?"
"Can I go?"
"No. It's just for grown ups."
"What are you going to do?"
"We are going to learn how to take nice pictures of you."
"Oh. Why is it just for grown ups?"
"It just is."
"Why are you going to a class to look at pictures of me?"

Cam's three and that means the "why" age has begun.  I must admit, I love it.

The photography class Char and I took was taught by Beira Brown.  She's an amazing photographer and an even nicer person.  The class was informative and fun at the same time! I heard about this photography class through a co-worker.  I missed the first one because I was out of town, so when another came around I was excited to sign-up!

We learned the basics of photography.  Everything I knew before the class came through trial and error (and many google searches).  Now I know my camera better and understand more about how to make the right changes.  Thanks Beira!

One of my favorite things about the class was learning about metering.  After learning the basics, we headed outside to practice.  This white ball is in the shade - so we had to get the ball and the grass exposed correctly.  First attempt - the ball is way over exposed.

Then I went too dark.

Then too bright.

And finally I got it just right.  It's my Goldilocks of photos.  Now, the grass is a little underexposed, but the ball is exposed correctly. Since I was exposing for the ball, this photo is just right.

I worked on taking a photo of Char, but she kept moving.

And I only managed to get Cam to sit still for about 30 seconds.  Not quite enough time to get my settings right.  He kept moving (I wonder where he gets that from).

I'm excited to keep practicing and really excited to get better at taking photos!

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  1. Sounds like it was not only a fun and good photography class but just explaining where you were going to Cam was just as much fun! What a kid.