Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally Moving In...Sort of

On Sunday afternoon, my mom, Charlie and I started unpacking a few things at my house.  We can't do too much because we still need to leave room for the electrician.  But we did at least get started.

The original plan in the bedroom was to put the bed up against the wall with the small window, but thats where the ac unit will be.  So instead, the bed will be in front of the big window. Charlie is loving this decision.

She didn't totally love the whole unpacking part of this process, though.  She was stuck on the bed for awhile, but at least she got to look outside.  I have a feeling this will be where she spends her days. 

We were going to move some stuff into the craft room, but we forgot the drill and the screws to attach the legs to the desk.  The desk is warped because I came with just one leg and my computer is quite heavy.  I added the second leg, but it was too late for the desk.

Like I said, we were going to do more, but we need to leave access to all the outlets.  Strangely enough, this house has a ton of outlets! What a blessing!  Normally older homes have one or two outlets per room - mine has at least one on every wall, if not more.  It's great (just not right now). 

A few weeks ago, I posted this photo to Instgram - The tree in our yard is beautiful, except for when it leaves petals ALL OVER my car.  They stay there for days.  When I was in high school, I got in a car accident and I remember being so embarrassed that I had to stand next to my car covered in petals.  My mom's response to that story was "That was more embarrassing than getting in an accident?"

Guess what, it happens at my new house too.  When I left the wedding, it looked like I was the bride!  So not cool.

The only time I love the petals is when they fall and completely cover the ground.  It really is beautiful...as long as they don't fall on my car.

ps. there were SO many typos in this post.  I'm sorry if you read this before I fixed them.  Sheesh.  That should teach me not to blog at 11:30pm...though I'm sure I won't change my ways. 


  1. Charlie the flower girl!

  2. Love, love all your wonderful ideas. PS (in a tiny whisper) It is petals, not peddles

    1. Haha thanks Trish! I guess that's what happens when I blog at 11:30pm. That'll teach me to post right before bed.