Thursday, May 30, 2013


 This lovely lady is an excellent roommate.  She's fun to play with and is usually pretty happy.  She's not very good at keeping the place clean, but we don't mind.

The best part is that she lets me take pictures of her whenever I want and only gets slightly annoyed with me.  Especially when I am the one with the food and I'm supposed to be feeding her.  If I was her, I'd be slightly annoyed, too.

We've had some quality time with this guy, as well.  What a cutie.  I love answering questions like "Do you want to play with me?" and "How was your day, Ginner?" - I just about die when he asks that.  Everything else I do seems completely unimportant when Cam asks me to play with him.

On this night, we were watching Aladdin.  It was Cam's first time seeing the movie and he really liked it.  We skipped the scary stuff at the end, but he didn't mind.  He just liked Abu.

When he watches a movie, he is very focused.  You can pretty much do anything to him and he won't notice.  He's gets tunnel vision.

But then, once the movie is over, he's our little goof again.  I think he was trying to be like Abu.

Like I said before, we don't want this living situation for last forever (6 adults and 2 kids in 1 house), but we'll enjoy this time.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Special Visitor & House Updates

Last Thursday, we surprised Char with the best gift - Esther.  We'd known for about a month that Esther would be coming for a visit, but we decided to surprise Char and Cam.  We got them good. Char had no idea.

The fact that our family could keep this secret is pretty impressive.  I'm the worst, if you even ask me about an exciting secret, the look on my face completely gives everything away.

It's been wonderful having Esther home.  This is truly a full house now.  It's actually been really nice to have everyone in one house, no one has to leave to go home and miss family time.

The weather on Saturday was very fall-like.  The wind was crisp and cool and I loved it.  It was so cold that we made sure Cam was wearing a beanie - since all of his are packed, he borrowed one from his very generous grandpa.

Esther and Cam helped Dad do a little weeding on Saturday morning.  It was perfect weather for it.

Charlie was even enjoying it. She didn't want to come inside!  But who would, the weather was just perfect.

The wind on friday night was just right for kite flying.  We love those shorts Cam is wearing - he has no knees and it's just adorable!

The electrician was at my house last week to do a few updates.  He has a long list of things to fix in my house and first on the list was the bathroom.  For my Dad to continue his updates, the electric had to be done.

Unfortunately, the plaster in this part of the bathroom is REALLY soft, hence the giant holes.  As the electrician was cutting a small hole for the light switch, the plaster just fell away.  It was to be expected.

I'm really starting to experience what it means to "open up a giant can of worms."  This bathroom is my can of worms.  Can I put the lid back on now?   Again, so thankful for my dad and brother-in-law who are willing to take on this mess and make it lovely again.

The good news is that the sconces are gone and I can purchase one light to go above the mirror.  This will operate with one switch (not two like the sconces).  Hurray for updates that make sense!

 The other big job my electrician took on this week was the breaker box.  The old breaker box was pretty scary and didn't allow room for any more breakers (aka - no ac and no dishwasher).  This new breaker box has plenty of extra space and is much safer.

As he was updating the box he said that the rule is to have one wire per breaker - in my old box, many breakers had two wires going in.  Just another reason I'm glad I updated this now.

Dad worked really hard on updated my door knob on Saturday.  I purchased new door knobs and dead bolts for each door.  Aside from looking really nice, I will feel much safer in my home with these updates.   The side door gets the special privilege of having a key code dead bolt.  This will come in really handy for family and friends...and for when I lock myself out.

The best part of Saturday, was watching Aladdin with this kid.  It was his first time watching it and he loved it!  We skipped the scary part where Aladdin battles Jafar - it's definitely too scary for this kid.  He loved the genie and he loved the magic carpet.  When he first saw the magic carpet walking he asked "Who's in that quilt?"  Haha, he thought someone was underneath.  It was pretty adorable.

I love having everyone in the same house.  I'm glad it won't last forever, but I'm also very glad we get these few weeks together.

Coming up next week: the electrician will be updating my outlets and switches on Wednesday and adding AC outlets on Thursday.  Do you know what that means?  Unpacking can officially begin next weekend.  I cannot wait!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  Fly your flags with pride today! I know we will be!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leigh and Galen

Middle school soccer - that's when I first met these amazing ladies.  We've been best friends ever since.   There are some things in life I take for granted; this friendship is not one of them.  It's rare that you make it through middle school, high school, college, careers, and three weddings with the same best friends.  We've been through a lot together.  I am so thankful for these girls.

Last weekend we were all together for the most wonderful wedding.  Leigh married her very best friend, Galen.  He's an amazing man and has been so wonderful to Leigh.

Here are the photos from that very special day.  At the end of the night, I checked out my photo total - 449.  Yup, between the 6 of us, we took 449 photos.  Number of photos that are in 20.  In our defense, it was dark in that room and the flash wasn't on.  I couldn't care less whether they are in focus or not, I love each and every picture.

ps. Not all of these photos were taken by me (as you can tell because I'm in some of them).  The camera was passed around that night - photo creds go to everyone :)

Since you've already met the bride and groom, allow me to introduce the rest of the gang.  Here's what you need to know a) they are amazing b) they are hilarious c) Kristin and Ryan are married d) Katie and Andy are engaged e) Teen is married to Brett (wish you could have been there Brett!) and f) I love these kids.

Ok, now to the fun stuff - 

 The photo taking began before the ceremony.  Of all the photos I took, this is one of my favorites.  This photo completely sums up who we are as a group: fun loving goofs to the end.

Seriously, how gorgeous is she? I love this girl. You'll never meat a nicer, more genuine person in your whole life.

This picture makes me laugh.  I was taking a picture of the flower and Teen, thinking I was snapping a photo of her, smiled for the photo.  Adorable.  I love it.

I love this photo of Katie and Andy.  There's something about seeing this girl with the right man that makes my heart so happy.

And she's definitely with the right man.

I made them take another photo because Andy's smile was so fake in the first one. haha

Candid photos don't always come out right.  You don't always catch people at their best. This photo caught Teen's sweetness.  I love it.

In case you haven't figured it out - I'm going to say "I love it" a lot in this post.

Katie's caption for this photo is pretty hilarious.  Don't worry Kate, I won't share it here, but I think you're wrong.  Also, this photo makes me laugh.

I got this look after I tried to take a photo of her without her knowing.  She wasn't happy about it - so she gave me her mom face.  I was in trouble.  Sorry to break it to you Kate, but this face won't scare your future children into obedience - it's still too sweet.  Even your mom face is gorgeous!

The cocktail hour flew by and before we knew it - the bride and groom were back!  Seriously, how gorgeous does Leigh look in this photo?  Look at the joy on that face - on both of their faces!

Every time I look at this photo, I wonder who Leigh is looking at.  The excitement on her face is absolutely wonderful.  Love it!

ps. Leigh, your vows had us all in tears - they were amazing.

And then it was time for their first dance as man and wife.  This is such a fun tradition.  And nice song choice Leigh!

The first dance brought joy to some and tears to others.

The toasts began and we were totally not ready!  We hadn't opened the champagne! We made Christine do it...and then we all ducked.

There's something about this picture of Kristin that is just perfect.  I think it's the look on her face - she's focused on taking her own photo, but knew I was taking a photo of her.  Not gonna lie, I have some pretty hot friends.  Just sticking to the truth here people!

Best photo ever.  The look on Katie's face practically makes me cry it's so full of love...and then you see Andy's face.  Best photo ever.

As soon as the music started, Kristin had us all on the dance floor.  Literally, we were the first ones and we were there all night!  I'd bet you $10 that Katie is fist-pumping to Livin' on a Prayer in this photo.  It's our song.

Not that we weren't already too crazy for the wedding crowd, but when the music started it just got worse.

We get a little crazy when we are all together - but who really wants to see the same boring photo of us all smiling for the camera over and over?  Not me!

Dashboard Confessional came on and for some reason we decided this was a group dance.  We swayed in a circle singing screaming along with You Have Stolen My Heart.  I'm sure Leigh didn't mind that we hijacker her romantic moment with her new husband.

The dj made the mistake of taking a potty break.

This is why Andy and Ryan are perfect for us - they are as crazy as we are.  Yes, I said "us".  When you marry one of these girls you sort of marry all of us.  That's just the way it is.  We are a package deal.

Chaos.  Utter and complete chaos.

Ha! I love this photo bomb!  Nicely done, Ryan!  Just another reason that you were made for Kristin.

You know that we love to dance, but I bet you didn't know that we are awesome at it.

This guy married an amazing woman.  He's one lucky guy.

Also, this girl married an amazing man.  She is one lucky woman.  #perfectcouple


Ok, what is even happening in this photo?

Needless to say, we had an amazing night.  Our best friend got married, we all got to hang out together (hasn't happened in years, literally) and we had so much fun.  Can we do this every weekend?