Monday, April 8, 2013

Women's Retreat 2013

Encouraged. Challenged. Full. That is how I feel after this past weekend.

Along with over 100 women from my church, I spent the weekend at Sandy Cove for our annual women's retreat. It was wonderful.

The weekend was very relaxing and a much needed time of rest.  As much as the retreat is meant to help the women of our church grow closer together, the main goal is to bring us closer to God.

This year, we had the privilege to be hear from Larissa.  An introduction from me won't do their story justice, so please go to her blog and read about her and her husband, Ian.

During our weekend, Larissa spoke about suffering, love, hope, prayer, marriage and faith.  I have learned so much.  What was impressed upon me the most was, when faced with a difficult time, Larissa ran to God and found comfort in him.  When faced with a tough situation, Larissa made decisions through prayer and faith.  God is wonderfully at work in Ian and Larissa's lives.  They are a great example of God's love to us.

You can't read their story without being changed.  From their blog -

"Ian you know what makes me really sad?"


"I wish we could dance together."

"I wish we could too."

"will you dance with me in heaven?"

"the first room that we get to, I'll dance with you."

In between sessions and meals, Mel and I got to spend some quality time with each other and our cameras.  We headed to town for a little shopping and sight seeing, but mostly it was our time to snap some photos and talk.

Fellowship with this woman is always uplifting.  Mostly, though, we just have fun together.

It's a cute little town, with quite a personality.

Signs of spring were everywhere.  It hasn't quite come to eastern pa yet, but it has to get here eventually, right? The weather is changing and finally getting into the 60s, but there isn't much green outside of my window.

I loved this sign outside of a local restaurant.  I've been thinking of adding a chalkboard in my kitchen.  But that's quite a ways down the line.

Now, this?  This is a sign I never want to see. :)

Sandy Cove is right on the bay and we enjoyed every second of it.

Mel and I had a wonderful weekend.  I hope you did, too.

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  1. Wow, Ginner. I went to Larissa and Ian's blog and read their story and watched two movies. I've never heard a story like theirs and it is so moving and so sweet. Thanks for sharing that. Glad you had a good Women's Retreat!!!