Friday, April 5, 2013

Two down - Five to go!

The kitchen and the dining room are done...sort of.

This is what the dining room looked like when I bought the house.  The color - not my favorite.  The curtains - had to go.  The border - oh my.

Things are really looking up!  What a difference a little paint makes! And by "a little" I really mean, several gallons.  Everything was primed from floor to ceiling.  Then I moved around the room painting white semigloss onto all of the trim.  Once the trim was done I painted the walls.

I will need to go back through and paint the windows, but I plan to do that after I move in.  So while both of the rooms are done for now - there is still some painting left to do. 

I spent all day Friday and Saturday at the house painting. This is what it looked like when I got there Friday morning.  It's so nice to see the house during the day and see all the light that comes into the rooms.  It's lovely. 

Oh, hey Charlie.  Do you plan on helping today? Or do you just prefer to lay around?  Yup, that's what I thought.  Go about your business.

The paint turned out beautifully.  I used to make fun of Char when she said gray was her favorite color.  That was in my younger days when I had no idea what I was talking about.  Sorry Char!  Gray is the most beautiful color.

Taping is my least favorite thing to do in paint prep, so I usually just don't do it.  Plus, this house being so old, nothing is really straight anyway - taping would just be a huge headache.  I'm not too shabby at cutting in, so I'm fine with doing it sans tape.

All the trim in the room was previously yellow and so was the ceiling.  So when I say I painted from top to bottom, I wasn't kidding.  I don't regret a single bit of it, because the white trim and ceiling have made all the difference.  I'm very excited to take to brown paper off the floor and see the new color with the wood flooring.

The kitchen is also finished - but this photo doesn't show that!  It was pitch black when I finished painting on Saturday night, so I didn't bother taking photos.  Next time I'm there during the day, I'll get some updated shots for you.

The kitchen used to be a shade of yellowy brown, so it's been wonderful to see none of that yuck!  I picked a light gray for the kitchen (shocker, I know!).  It's nice and bright, but it might not be dark enough so I may be repainting. ha! I say that now, I have a feeling by the time I get around to it I'll be sick of painting.

The current state of the living room - it's primed, but that's it.  I have another gray (are you sensing a theme?) picked out for the living room that I plan to carry up the stairs and throughout the hallway.  I want to wait to paint until the hallway and stairs are prepped.

This is where I ran out of ceiling paint.  That stuff goes fast!  It's funny to look at the old ceiling color and remember that I thought it was white.  I got the ceiling paint that starts purple and dries white, so you can easily see where you've painted.  I obviously didn't need that in here!  But I'll tell you what, that stuff is AMAZING when you are on your second coat.

I spent 3 hours at the house the other night cleaning off the stairs and getting them ready for painting.  The banister and spindles are definitely on the to-paint list.  Though I was starting to lose my patience while taping, I know it will be worth it when the painting starts.

And since I know you're all just dying to know what Charlie does, I'll tell you.  She does nothing.  She goes outside, pees, comes back inside, sniffs, goes in the basement (where I'm pretty sure she's peed several times - marking her territory), lays on her rug, sniffs, sighs, lays in bed, sleeps, repeat.  I bought her a few toys to keep at the house; one of which has a treat in it that she never touches.  

She doesn't quite understand why we are there.  I can tell she's confused.  I could leave her home, but it's nice to have her there.  Even if she can't do the work, she might as well keep me company!

Esther asked me "Are you enjoying all the house stuff or getting tired?"  Such a good question.  While I do get tired each night that I spend there working, I'm so excited to get back the next day.  When I know a task I'm about to start is going to be big and take a long time, I usually put it off.  Once I dive in, it's full speed ahead!  I've really been enjoying getting to the house as much as I can and making it mine.  Plus, now that I have a couple of rooms done, I have a sense of accomplishment that is keeping me going. And audiobooks, lots of audiobooks (you know, since Charlie can't actually talk back to me).


  1. Looking great! The grey color really is so beautiful and will compliment a great deal of colors your going to eventually put in the room!Love it :) Charlie is too cute too

    visit us sometime.

  2. I hate to paint but love the results. Love your neutrals and smart to even do the ceilings...since you're in there before any furniture and stuff is around, might as well do it right!!! I think Charlie should have her own rug in every room, however. Cracks me up that she sits on the rug but guess I'd rather sit on a rug than the floor myself.