Monday, April 22, 2013

This is Happening...

Welp, my dad settled it - we're updating the bathroom.

As excited as I am that this is happening, I'm also really - well, not nervous, but something along those lines.

The bathroom is in need of some serious love/updating.  When my mom first mentioned the idea of updating before moving in, I wasn't too fond of it.  I'm anxious to finally move in and this just seemed like another thing coming between me and finally living in my house.

Now, I can't totally blame this idea on my mom.  Her sisters were quick to support her.  So basically, I will be blaming this on all three of them.  Luckily for them, this is a good idea.

When my dad was at the house on Saturday, we stood in the bathroom for about 30 minutes and talked back and forth about what to do.  Seeing that he was on board and not at all apprehensive about it got me really excited.  We're going to do this.  As my dad would say - we're going to whip this bathroom into shape.

True to family tradition - we took measurements, made diagrams, and wrote out a list.  Allow me to share our plan –

1. add board & batten to the lower half of the walls
2. tile the floor
3. retile the shower area
4. new toilet
5. new vanity
6. replace lighting

This vanity is definitely not cutting it for me.  There's no where to put anything - there's especially no place to put the awesome stuff Esther got me for my birthday last year.  This is most definitely on the to-go list.  Char, we'll save it for you :)

There has been some progress in this room - the wallpaper is almost completely gone (thanks to mom).  Other than that, we've done nothing in here.

The white tile is not actually tile - its metal formed to look like tiles.  Interesting.

We were going to try to rip it out, but we are opting to cover it up.  I can just imagine someone ripping up this bathroom in 30 years and going "Why would they cover it up?  Why wouldn't they just rip it out and do it the right way?" I don't want to be the homeowner that leaves messes for the next people, but it's not worth the time and trouble to take it out.  Maybe the next person will be rich and can pay someone else to do it, but since we are doing it ourselves, we get to pick.

This bathroom is very, very close to what mine will look like (my layout is not changing, however).  Oh how I love Pinterest - you get to see the finished outcome before you even start.  (ps. I really tried to find a link to the original image, but I can't find it!).  White tiles in the shower, this vanity/sink combo from Ikea, blue on the walls and a brand new toilet - just what my bathroom will have.

There are two big differences between this photo and my future bathroom.

Difference #1 - we are going to do board and batten and not wainscoting
After our little pow-wow in the bathroom, my dad and I headed to Lowe's to take a look at and price our options.  We checked out wainscoting while we were there, but the more I browsed Pinterest, the more I liked the look of the board and batten.  I really love how they did it in this bathroom.

Difference #2 - My bathroom will have a chandelier
While touring Ikea many months ago with my best friend, Katie, she spotted this chandelier.  She said "Wouldn't that be awesome in a bathroom?"  And from then on I knew this lovely lady would live in my bathroom.  I cannot wait.  This may be what I'm most excited for.   Best idea ever, Katie.

So there you have it - the plans for my "new" bathroom.  I can honestly say, I can't wait until it's all over.  Can't this part be like one of those movie montages where all the hard stuff happens quickly while fun music plays in the background?

My montage music would be Yakety Yak, by The Coasters.


  1. LOVE your bathroom renovation plans. IKEA comes through again and of course your dad comes through again as always! Your mom's sisters give wise council and you're smart to always listen to them! Great montage music - haven't heard "Yakety Yak" for ages. I know you'll find this hard to believe but the Coasters were popular before even my time!

  2. I understand the nerves and excitement. Been through that when our bathroom and kitchen were in dire need of renovations. Anyways, the important thing when doing a renovation is to have a concrete plan. This way, you'd have a guideline of which area you would need to prioritize. Good luck with the renovation! Don't forget to write a blog and upload photos of your newly renovated bathroom, okay? Would be nice to read about it. =)

    Chase Conely

  3. Like you, I find the fact that your bathroom “tiles” were actually metal interesting. Didn't that present problems with rusting? On another note, while a chandelier would give it a luxurious feel, wouldn't it be better to prioritize proper lighting by your vanity?