Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Craft Room

The battery on my laptop is at 34% which means two things - a) since I started at 60%, I've obviously been browsing blogs/pinterest for quite awhile and b) I better write my post before I get distracted again.

Planning out my craft room in my head is something I've done for a long time.  I used to think that I would always have my desk/computer in my bedroom.  Then I grew up and realized I dont want all of that mess where I sleep.  My bedroom is messy enough as it is – it doesn't need any help from another room's junk.

This room is really good inspiration for what I would like to do in my own craft room.  I will only have a small closet, so I'll have to find ways to keep everything organized, but not cluttered.

I started a Pinterest board so that I could collect all of these ideas and keep them organized.

Lately, I've been looking for open shelving ideas I can utilize in my space.  I love the organization in this space- even though there is a lot there, it doesn't feel unorganized or cluttered.  I really love the way this person hung the art.  Cute and clever.

The things I pin on Pinterest are often pinned because I see one thing I love or it gives me a good idea.  In this case, it's the shelving.  Obviously, this isn't a craft room, but that shelving is from Ikea.  It's a realistic inspiration because I know I can actually get that long, open shelving.  Often times, what I love about a pin isn't easy to find or it's way too expensive.  This shelving is well used here and I actually know what it is!

This rolling cart from World Market would make such a fun and cool addition to my craft room.  At $130, I'll pass, but I still love it.  I'd love a more rustic feel in my craft room.  That's something I know I want, but I'm not sure if I know how to successfully put it together.  We'll see.

This potting bench is also from World Market.  I know it's for gardening, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of it in my craft room.  It's price is a little more reasonable than the rolling cart.  It's $120, but still something I'll pass on.  I like it, but I think I'll look for a more affordable option.

Some things I pin for my craft room are practical, some things are more for the fun of it.  It's a place that is supposed to inspire creativity, so it needs to be fun, colorful and lively.  This pin is the "fun" part.  Now that I've been to many different parts of the world, I'd love to add a wall to showcase some of that travel.

This pin is the "colorful" part.  The walls will be light gray.  My desk is white.  My storage drawers and shelving are white.  I plan to add color to the room with some fun accents and hopefully in the baskets and bins I use for storage.  And most definitely, neon.  I just need it.

Last, but certainly not least, this pin represents the "lively" part.  This little bear from West Elm is an iphone speaker that will add lively music to the project I am working on.  I know my computer will be in there, but I buy all my music via my phone and often dont transfer it to my computer.  Plus, he can travel so he can follow me all over the house.  I will name him Grizzly and he will be mine.

Correction, he is mine.  When I first saw him, I sighed and clicked past him.  Fifty bucks is more than I would spend for ceramic speakers.  When I started writing this post I clicked over to West Elm just for the heck of it - oh the joy to see my little Grizzly on sale for $25.  Yup, already ordered it.

That's all for now, folks!  Have a nice day!

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  1. I'd much rather meet your Grizzly than a real one, that's for sure.