Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Switch on, Switch Off

There are many mysteries in my new house.  The chief one being the crazy amount of light switches.  When my mom was with me last week, we set about figuring out what each one does.  This is where things get weird.

The two switches on the right turn on the outside light - no, that is not a typo - there is only one light and both switches operate the same light.  Weird.

The far left switch turns on the sconce, but if you plug something into that outlet the sconce goes off.  The switch next to that is a mystery.

Did you know that if you turn on the outside light, it's impossible to turn off the kitchen light?  Weird, but true.

These three switches are also in the kitchen - current total: 7.  Thankfully, we solved these mysteries.

These three switches are in the kitchen as well.  Kitchen total: 10.  Ten switches in one room.  Three of which are a complete mystery.

The dining room makes much more sense with only three switches.  Can we just talk about how scary those switches look?  Whenever I use them I feel like I'm going to be electrocuted.

Current total: 13

We have the living room all figured out.  With one additional switch for the side porch, the living room beings our current total to 18 switches.

Add in three for the bathroom, two for the hallway and four more in the bedrooms...

Grand total: 27

And that doesn't even count the basement.  27 light switches for eight rooms/spaces.  Seems like a lot right?

When I told my Dad about the issue of turning the kitchen light off when the back porch light was on, he thought for a moment and then said "Maybe you should call an electrician."  Maybe I should, but I'm too afraid of what they will find.

I wonder if I'll ever figure out what they all do. Would it be weird to email the old homeowner via her realtor to find out?

Even with our best efforts, we could not figure out how to turn off the outside lantern.  It wasn't on when I bought the place, but now we can't figure out how to turn it off.  I bet my neighbors are probably getting a good laugh - I can just imagine that somewhere along the way I found the right switch, flicked it a dozen time and just had no idea.  Maybe they just think I'm sending out morse code.

Maybe they are right. :)


  1. Shortly after moving into our house that is 26 years old, we spent one day figuring out what each circuit breaker controlled and made a list to post on the cover of the circuit breaker box. But you have the extra fun of trying to first figure out what the wall switches control. Also, this house had some crazy wiring too which we've fixed slowly but surely. Don't feel alone...just another joy of buying an older home.

  2. OH wow, that is a lot of switches!!! What kind of covers will you put over them?! Also, I worked in property management for a property 20+ years old and a lot of switches in the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens activated outlets. I don't know, but I don't think its weird at all to email the past owner via the Realtor. Or just call an electrician!

    1. Hi! You're right! it is a lot of switches! I plan to update them with white switches and white switch plates. And of course I mean my dad will actually be doing all of that work :)

      It's nice to know that you dont think it's weird if I email the old owner via the realtor - thanks! We'll see if I actually do it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Sorry, but Dad knows best!!! Call an electrician! You definitely don't want any dodgy old wiring causing a fire!

    1. haha I think you are right Claire! One of those things I will want to keep putting off, but I'll do it eventually. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! -Virginia