Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friends, Family and a Sandbox

301.  That's the number of photos I took on Saturday evening.  What can I say, I just love taking photos of these babies.  I narrowed the 301 down to 84 for the fam and 30 for you guys.  You're welcome.

The sandbox is where we spend our summer.  We pull up our chairs and hang out til dinner.  It's a happening place, folks.

Cam's was just a little excited to be in the sandbox.  He gets out there every chance he can get.  After church on Sunday, Cam got out of the car and started running to the backyard.  Ya know how your voice bounces when you run? That's exactly what happened when Cam yelled "I'm goin to da sanbox!"

He's very serious about sandboxing.

We spotted the neighbors up the hill, so Cam quietly requested their presence at the sandbox.

He was very excited to see them coming and he ran to meet them.  This is what he does outside.  He runs.  He runs everywhere.  This boy was made to be outside.

As soon as Lukey and Leia arrived, they got right to work.  It's impossible for these boys to play in the sand without burying somebody.  Lukey set to work right away.

Leia decided to make our favorite baby girl laugh.  All she has to do is look at Hannah and Hannah starts giggling.  Hannah loves Leia.

Emily was down visiting for a little until homework called her home.  Evenings like this make me forget it's April and that the kids are still in school.  On such a lovely evening, it seems like we'll never have to leave the sandbox.

 Hannah loves being outside.  She especially loves sitting on her daddy's lap while watching the kids work.

Princess Charlie joined us outside.  I know my baby well and I knew she wouldn't like the dirt.  I brought a blanket out just for her and that's where she spent the whole evening.

Two peas in a pod.  They were buried together.  They loved every second of it.

Cam escaped and then it was Leia's turn to be buried from head to toe.  When these kids are on a mission, don't get in their way - you might be next to get buried.

It's really fun to watch Cam carry a bucket full of water to the sandbox.  He went very slowly in an attempt not to spill any water.  As his pants show, he wasn't very successful.  Take a look at the photo on the right - see that shoe flying above Cam's head?  These kids always keep things interesting.

They just have so much fun together.  We laugh a lot when they are here and you can see why!

Cam was VERY excited to see Annie on her way down the hill.   He started with a double fist pump that ended in a double thumbs up.  Hilarious.  We'll tell him later that this was super dorky.

The maple in our backyard is perfect for climbing.  Cam wanted a turn and Char told him he needed an adult to help him.  We were in the middle of a conversation and Cam just couldn't wait any longer. He asked "Is Lukey an adult?"

There's something about feeding this little lady that is just so fun.  Not sure what it is, but it's just fun.

I just can't get enough of this little girl.  She looks exactly like her mom (minus the brown eyes).  Sometimes when I look at her, I could swear I was looking right at Charlotte.

Cam loves riding the tractor even more than he loves riding a train.  Mostly because when he rides the tractor, he also gets to steer.

 Leia did her best to keep up.

Leia was very determined. 

This was my attempt to take a picture of Hannah and myself.  Haha, I wasn't very successful, but I love that it looks like she's sticking her tongue out at somebody.

Last but not least - Hannah and her mama.
It's so amazing to see my sister being a mom.  She's amazing at it.  Frank and Charlotte are amazing parents - you can tell by the way their kids respond to them.  It's so wonderful to watch and learn from them.

It's amazing how a little good weather and a sandbox can really make you love life.  It's nights like this when I realize how much I'm going to miss living in this house.  I think I need to get a sandbox for my new house.

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  1. For sure you need a sandbox at your house!!! That's a great idea. When we were still in grade school, my sisters and I used to LIVE in our sandbox. I think with all the technology these days, people forget how fun that is for kids!