Monday, March 4, 2013

Vietnam - the rest of the story

The last stop on our whirlwind tour was Vietnam.  Esther and I spent about 2 days in Ho Chi Mihn City.

We arrived late Friday and on Saturday morning we went for a tour.  Esther had found a scooter tour that picks you up at the hotel and takes you around the city.  The girls that drove us around were wonderful and excellent guides.  Even more important - they were excellent drivers.

I've ridden a motorcycle many times.  Whenever I was on the Harley, the sissy bar always held me firmly on the bike.  When I rode the BMW with my dad, holding on to him made me feel safe. Scooter's don't have sissy bars and I didn't know the girl at all, so holding on to her wasn't an option.  Even though that was the case, I felt safe on the scooter.  The drivers were excellent.

Now if only their traffic laws were a little bit stricter.  They have lights, but past that it's every man/car/scooter for himself.  The tip we received for crossing the street on foot says it all - no one will stop to let you cross, so just start walking.  Don't go too slow or you'll get hit.  Don't run or you'll get hit.  Just walk and everyone will go around you.

As scary as it sounds, it worked every time.

In case you are wondering what tour we took - check out Esther's helmet.  I highly recommend it.  We had a blast.

Their post office building is beautiful.  While we were there, Esther had the awesome idea to send a few post cards home.  We sent one to Cameron and one to our parents.  I keep forgetting to ask them if they have gotten it yet.  Just checked - they haven't gotten our post cards yet.

Vietnam was a fun part of our trip.  Just like Thailand and Taiwan, there were many places to shop.  There was one startling difference, though - In Vietnam, people grab you.  One lady had my hand so tight that I had to yank it away.  It's weird and a little unsettling, but they mean nothing by it.  I guess we can just chalk that one up to different cultures.  After awhile, I just walked around with my hands together.

Welp, that's the end of our vacation adventure.

Esther - thank you for setting all this up and putting up with me on this trip.  I know I'm not as adventurous as you, so thanks for taking it easy on me. Also, thanks for being excellent at bartering.  There were many times when I thought we'd have to walk away from something I loved - but you did it every time.

Mom and Dad - thanks for watching the pup for me for so long and thanks for treating her how I would treat her (by spoiling her).  I'll make it up to you someday - like when you need a place to have a good meal when your kitchen is being redone (yup, cat's outta the bag on that one).  You might have to do the cooking (especially if you want something edible) but I'll be happy to provide the kitchen!

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