Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Souvenirs

Ok, I promise this is my last post about my vacation. Several people have been asking to see what I brought home with me and I've finally taken the pictures. You might have noticed a reoccurring theme in our vacation - shopping.  We did a lot of shopping.  So much shopping that I had to bring an extra suitcase home.

The best part? It was guilt free shopping.  I had been saving up for this trip for quite awhile, so all the money I spent came from that account.  I didn't use my debit card once in those three weeks.  It was pretty great.

If I was smart, I would have taken pictures of all the loot we got, not just mine.  I just didn't think about it at the time.

First up, some new lights.  We saw these babies everywhere and after passing them by a few times we decided to get some.  The ones on the top pop out to make circles and are all gray.  Esther got a multi-colored set for herself and we got a pink/white/purple set for Hannah.  The ones on the bottom are my favorite.  I'll take a picture for you when I put them up.   They look awesome.

I'll try not to say this too much, but...this is my favorite.  I love this little bank.  I love the detail and the color. She will look wonderful in my hutch.

I love this mini pitcher.  It makes me wish I drank coffee with milk or creamer or whatever you put in coffee. But, since I don't drink coffee, I'll just use it for something else.

Oh my word. These hats.  Just so you know, they are each about 3 inches in diameter (no, I didn't bring home four huge hats).  In fact, I tried to bring home zero hats. I don't like these hats, but Esther was obsessed with getting one.  I held her off the entire two days we were in Vietnam.  "What will you even do with it?"  "It's a weird shape."  "How will you get it home?"  "If you hang it on the wall it will poke somebody's eye out."

We were in the airport ready to catch our flight to Taiwan and there it was - sitting abandoned and alone in the middle of the airport was "the" hat.  It had clearly been left behind.  I think the owner left it behind because a) it was broken and b) they realized how annoying it was going to be to get it home.  All of my arguments flew out the window and Esther adopted the sad and lonely hat.

Oh it doesn't end there.  As we are walking to our gate, Esther saw a set of 5 mini hats that were strung together for decoration.  Est didn't want five because it was too long, so when she saw a set of three she asked how much it was.  The lady said that it wasn't for sale because it was broken.  Instead, she handed Esther four hats that had fallen off of the decorations and didn't charge Esther a dime.  Not only did Esther get one hat, she got five - for free.

I brought them home with me because Est had the great idea to turn them into Christmas decorations.  I would have said no, but the story is too good and now we have some great memories tied to these little hats.  I already have some ideas. :)

Bowls everywhere.  There were bowls everywhere.  Be proud of me, I only came home with four and they are very tiny. I put some washi tape next to them for reference.  They are super tiny and cute and I can't wait to use them!

I also got a few small spoons while we were in Taiwan.  I can't wait to eat my ice cream with these babies.

More elephants and guess what, they are tiny like everything else I bought.  The smallest one is about an inch and a half tall.  They are cute and tiny and I have no idea what I'm going to do with them.  When I had an apartment, I had a rule - if I didn't know what I was going to do with it I didn't buy it.  Surprisingly enough, I actually followed that rule.  Yeah, not so much anymore. I don't have my house yet and that rule just doesn't apply.  But hey, at least they are tiny.

These are one of my favorite souvenirs.  I got them at Muji in Taiwan and I love them.  Here's the best part, they were in the holiday clearance section at Muji - we assume they are supposed to make the shape of a Christmas tree.  Who knows.  Whatever they are, they are mine.  Krit made a great suggestion - paint them! I do have that neon spray paint around here somewhere...

I've saved the best for last.  This one is my all time favorite souvenir.  It's a hand embroidered shawl from Thailand.  It was my most expensive souvenir, but the one of I would have regretted the most had I not gotten it.

Shawls aren't my thing, but I don't plan to use it as a shawl.  It's large enough that it will make a great table runner and it's washable so it's safe to have it on the table.

When I move into my home, I'll take a picture of it opened up because it's absolutely beautiful.

When I travel, I don't like to get souvenirs that say things like "I love NY" or "Someone in Thailand loves you."  As fun as those things are, I want something I can use for years.  Something that doesn't scream "souvenir" but leads to a story.  I said before I left that I wanted to get one great thing for my future home.

I didn't walk away with one great thing, I walked away with so many great things.  Now I just need to move into my house so I can get them out of the boxes and onto the shelves.

That reminds me...I need to buy some shelves.  It's BYOF (bring your own friend) day at Ikea on Saturday. Anyone want to join me?

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  1. Great loot!!! I really loves the stack-able doggies and the textiles!