Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The House - Part Two

Yesterday, I took you on a tour of the first floor, yard, and garage of my dream home.  Today we'll take a tour of the second floor.

Let's start with the bathroom!
This room is the only room in the whole house that makes me cringe a little.  Everything is in great working order and is actually very clean. What really makes me cringe is all the work that should be done in here.

It's one of the only rooms where I am completely inadequate to handle anything on my own.  Bummer.

But I'll tell you what, this tub makes up for all of that.  I'm a tub person.  I love taking a nice long bath.  In my old apartment, I could set my laptop on the counter and then just soak.  This tub is perfect for that.

The fact that it only has walls on two sides just makes it all the better.  It's open and bright and airy and just perfect.  I'm in love. Now, where did I put that bleach...

Next up - bedroom #1 (aka, the white room).
The white room will be my future craft room.  This is where I plan to put my computer and all of my craft supplies.  I'm going to have to get creative with storage because the closet in this room is not very big!  You see that ceiling fan?  The second floor has knob and tube wiring which means (dun dun dun) no a.c. units can be used up here.  That ceiling fan is going to keep me from wanting to risk burning down the house for a little cool air during our 100 degree, 90% humidity summers.  Kill me now.

Moving right along to bedroom #2 (aka, the green room).
And by green, I mean, green.  Minty green - but not in pleasant way.  It's not quite the right shade of green to feel refeshing.  It's mostly just overpowering.  My friend, Kristin, just painted her sunroom minty green and she did it perfectly.  It's a perfect shade of green.  Too bad this bedroom doesn't look like her sunroom.

And hurray for another ceiling fan!

Does anybody else's dog love to look out windows?  Charlie could spend all day laying in front of the window.  I don't have any low windows in this house, so I'm going to have to figure out a way to get one of her beds in front of a window.

Last but not least, "bedroom" #3 (aka, the closet).

This room isn't large enough to fit a bed.  Char thinks maybe it was meant to be a nursey.  It could also work as a small office.  But, since it has a closet, it's technically a bedroom.  In reality, I'll most likely turn this room into a walk-in closet.

There's also a linen closet in the hallway.  This wins the award as the only space that I don't plan to change someday.  Though, I do want to repaint the door from cream to white.

And that is the end of our second floor tour.  I hope you enjoyed our little walk around and I also hope you enjoyed all of Charlie's little appearances.  I think pets know where the focus is and automatically walk into that space.  Not that I wanted to, but I couldn't get a picture without her if I had tried.

She loves it and I love and we can't wait to move in!


  1. The floors are beautiful! Love the wood. This house looks like someone has taken care of it, which is great.

  2. The potential is killing me! How cute is your house?!

    1. The potential is killing me too! i just hope i do it justice! I'd love to get your advice on what to do. You have such a good eye for design. I want my home to feel welcoming and cozy like yours :)

  3. Your house is awesome! <3 I'm reading your posts, looking at the pictures and want to redo my appartment. Oh, if I only had time. :)