Monday, March 18, 2013

The House - Part One

Say hello to my home.  My sweet, lovely, perfect lady.  I'm pretty sure that this home was designed for me.  It's practically perfect in every way.  I never used to like brick, but as I drooled over houses during the past 2 years, a brick home became my dream home.  The brick is one of my favorite things about this home. I still can't believe it's mine.

Settlement was on Friday.  I have owned my home since 11:15 am on March 15th.  My original thought was that owning the home would be more stressful than the buying process.  Oh no. Not even close.  Once I walked out with my keys in hand, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.  I slept for 13 hours on Friday night.  Yup, I was tired.

Ok, time to shut up and get to the good stuff - the layout and pictures.

Ok, I'm not architect, so this isn't to scale, but it's not that far off.  Today, we'll go through the first floor and then I'll write another post on the second floor and basement.

How amazing is this yard?  Seriously.  It's perfect.

Ok, let's go left to right.

Starting with the garage!
left side of the garage

It's a 1.5 car garage with one window (along with the windows in the garage door).  My car fits easily and there's still room left to do projects.  It's not in the garage in this photo because I didn't have electricity yet.  Though that didn't stop me from trying to open the garage with the garage door opener.  I only clicked it 20 times before I remembered why it wasn't working.

If I need the whole garage for projects, I can just pull my car onto my driveway.  In this neighborhood, getting a driveway is no easy thing.  That goes for the garage, too.  See why I keep saying it's perfect?

This garage comes with a lot of storage.  I am so grateful to the person who was here before me for leaving behind so many things (and I'm not being sarcastic).  This neighborhood requires you to use certain kinds of trash cans - she left me three.  She also left me a shovel, garden tools, and four air conditioners....and a Santa Clause.

Next, the fenced in back yard!
The fenced in back yard is so perfect and Charlie loves it.  She has already tried to get out through the tiny crack in the gate, so that's officially on the to-fix list.  It's a really good fence though and it's in great shape. I have yard work stuff on my to-do list (what to fix, what to ditch), but that won't be happening for awhile.

Please forgive this incredibly dorky video, but I wanted to document Charlie's first time in the yard.  She's just a little excited.  She's definitely earned herself a new nickname - princess.   Somebody doesn't like to get their feet dirty.  Also, I know it's Charlie-proof because she tried every possible way to get out with no success.  Hurray!

Next up - the kitchen!

This kitchen is one of the main reasons I bought this house.  For houses in this area, this kitchen has a lot of light.  There are five windows and one in the door, so this kitchen gets flooded with light.  There are nice windowsills on either side of the back door and plenty of counter space.

Those maroon counters are the first to go.  Ikea has great prices on laminate counter tops and I plan on taking advantage of that.  The cabinets are in great shape and just need some knobs. The biggest change (even bigger than the counter tops) will be adding a dishwasher.  I need it.  I just do.  So it's happening.

The doorway you see to the left is the doorway to the basement.  No electricity meant no photos of the basement, but I'll have them soon enough. All you need to know - it's not a scary, murder basement.  It's clean and bright.

Moving on to the dining room!
This dining room is fantastic.  The hardwood floors are in great shape.  The border has already been ripped down.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw my little helper didn't have much trouble with that; he even had trains in one hand.  Not gonna lie, it felt great to rip that down.  It feels like it's really starting to be mine.

Say hello to the living room!
The living room is such a great size.  It will perfectly fit my couch and other pieces of furniture.

There's a coat closet as well which is just wonderful.  It's a great size.  Notice the pink paint everywhere?  Yup, thats one of the many reasons this whole house is getting repainted.  Everything and I mean everything, needs a fresh coat of paint.

Is it weird that I am in love with this method of getting the mail?  I hate/despise getting the mail.  So I'm thrilled that all I have to do is walk to the front door.  Wonderful!  I'm sure Charlie is going to be suspicious of that daily occurrence.  Maybe I should figure out a way to introduce her to the mailman.  Our old mail lady absolutely loved Charlie.   Charlie used to hang out in the front window and the mail lady would sweet talk her.  It was super cute.  She got a kick out of Charlie whining with excitement.

I'm sorry, I'm trying not to be too wordy, but I'm just so excited!

The door you see there leads to the side porch.  My mom was with me during this visit.  Can you guess where she is?

The white paint on the stairs makes them just a little more special.  It looks really nice.  The only thing that needs to change about these stairs is the carpet.  Believe it or not, I'm not going to get rid of it because I don't like it - it's actually not big enough.  Charlie could easily fall down these steps, so I need something with a little more umph to keep her from slipping.

The side porch is really big.  I think I should have made it bigger in my diagram.  I loved that it's covered.  Who knows, maybe I'll turn it into a screened in porch someday?  Maybe.  I would love to add a railing to the front, then Charlie and I could hang out there and she couldn't escape.

 The side yard need and front yard need some love, but that's something I'll tackle later.  At this point, I'm just going to focus on the inside so I can get myself moved in.

Well, there you have it! The first floor in all it's current glory.  It won't look that way for long!  I have big plans for this space.  I'm going to be working at the house all night on Monday, so if you like to spackle and clean - give me a call!


  1. It's great!! Will be fun to watch you paint and get it all fixed up like you're planning. Soooo nice to have a fenced in yard and a garage. Looking forward to having a tour!!!

  2. Looks like such a great space! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!! :) and loved the video of Charlie (glad she finally liked the grass), I'm looking forward to getting Annabelle a yard someday!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your sweet compliment! We love it too. I still can't believe it's mine :) I'm sure Annabelle would love to have a yard, but I bet she's very happy hanging out with you while you work on your amazing projects! Good luck on CWTS! I knew immediately which project was your in the first challenge (ps. it was amazing), but this second one has me stumped! I hope I voted for you. haha -Virginia

  3. I love it! Congrats, the floors are just beautiful. It sounds silly but I have always wanted a little mail slot like that in my front door, something very old world to me, comforting. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi again! Thanks so much for you nice compliment! Charlie and I are loving our new home. The mail slot is one of my favorite things and you're exactly right - its so comforting and homey. It's so personal that someone walks to your door to deliver the mail - like when they used to drop milk off at your door! I hope he winter ends soon for you! I usually love the snow, but with moving I'm ready for it to be over :) - Virginia

  4. Oh yes! This is fantastic! ;) Can't wait to see it in person!