Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Step 1: Start

While Charlie tried to figure out how to rescue her toy from the big, bad swing - I worked on packing.   I was pretty tired from the week, so instead of diving in on Friday night, I put on 10 Things I Hate About You and packed a few boxes.  There wasn't much in the garage when I went to bed on Friday, but it wasn't that way for long.

Yup, it's all mine. The interesting part - all of this stuff was in the cubbies.  There's nothing in this pile that I have recently packed.

Same with this pile.  So, while I have made progress, it sort of doesn't count.  Instead of it all being in the cubbies, it's not in the garage.  Does that count as packing?

Whatever, I'll take it.  Now the process is to go through it all again.  I have quite the goodwill pile already, considering that I've already gone through this stuff while packing it the first time.

The worst part was all the stink bugs I encountered.  Ya know, when they are crawling on a wall 5 feet above my head and across the room, we're fine.  We're buds.  You go your way, stink bug, I'll go mine.

But when I find 3 corpses every time I open a handle, screaming will ensue.  I wish I could say this was the most I had found.  As I was pulling boxes out of the cubby, I'd use the vacuum to open the handle that was farthest away from me.  When it would swing open, at least 2 stink bugs would fling out and there would be more inside.  The most I found in one handle - seven (5 of which were alive).

Not only were they in the handles, but they were also just hanging out on all sides of the cardboard boxes.  Our vacuum bag is a stink bug graveyard. It was gross.  I'm glad it's over.

Charlie was not a fan of the packing that was happening.  We move from room to room so much that she doesn't know where to sit down.  Mom got sick of her getting in the way, so she took matters into her own hands and locked Charlie on the couch.  Charlie is like a little kid sometimes - they don't want a nap, but as that parent you know they need it.  Charlie didn't want to be on the couch, but she was all worked up and panting.  She needed a break.

The large cubby is empty (well, almost).  There are still a few things in there and what's left is empty suitcases and a box of Esther's souvenirs from our AsiaFest.  So, though it's not completely empty, at least my stuff isn't in there anymore.

There are two smaller cubbies in my living room - which were also packed with my crap. They are also empty and it feels good that it's all out.

I'm about 2/3s through organizing what has been moved to the garage.  Once I'm done that - I'll move on to packing the stuff in my living room and bedroom.  But at least some progress has been made!!

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  1. Boy, lots of work to move. Makes my back ache just to look at your pictures. Wow, those cubbies hold a heck of a lot of stuff.