Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Finally, progress has been made!  I know I've only been a homeowner for 10 days, but it feels like a month since I haven't gotten that much done.

With the living room and dining room primed, I'm finally feeling a sense of accomplishment - along with two very sore arms.  I had to sleep with two ice packs on my right arm on Sunday night.  I felt like a huge wuss, but hey, it hurt!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, there's not a lot of light in the house at the moment.

The house smelled like smoke, so Kilz was in order.  Plus, it seems everything in this house is painted a different shade of yellow-y brown.  A fresh coat of paint will make it feel less dirty and more like my house.

The trim looks white in this photo, but it's not.  I haven't painted the doors yet - so take a look a the front door in the next photo.  See how not-white it really is?

Sunday after church, I headed to the house to start painting.  Six hours later, I had two rooms fully primed (minus the ceilings).  I painted all of the trim as well as the walls.  All the trim in the room was the same color as the door.  Since I'm painting everything anyway and I'm not a big fan of cream trim, that was added to the to-paint list.

The front door will be painted eventually, but I'll do that on a day when there are more people in the house so I can take it off without worrying about being robbed.  Yes, I'm a little paranoid, but I will be  a little paranoid until I'm in the house a little longer.

Ok, here's the timeline -

Friday night, 6-10pm: Prep
– cover floors
– remove curtains
– remove nails/screws/random hooks from walls
– spackle holes

Saturday, 8-10pm: Caulking
– caulk
– caulk
– more caulk

Sunday, 12-7pm: Priming
– cut in
– paint trim
– paint walls

Thirteen hours for two rooms.  Yikes.  BUT! It was worth it to do it right - or so I keep telling myself.

Part of the reason it took so long is that Kilz is THICK.  I was dipping my brush into my bucket every three strokes when cutting in.  I really had to push hard to spread it around.

I used oil based paint for this since the woman at Lowe's told me that would give me the best smell/stain coverage.  The paint itself is pretty stinky.  Once I started painting you definitely couldn't smell the smoke anymore.  There's an odorless option of this paint, but its $4 more a gallon.  Since I'm going to be using around 7 gallons, I'd rather paint with the windows open then spend an extra $28.

Charlie does not love this process.  I take her with me each time I go to the house.  She mostly lays in her bed, lays on the little carpet, or stands outside waiting for a treat.  While I do all the hard work, she catches up on her sleep.  Sometimes, I wish we could switch places.

It may not look beautiful yet, but at least there's progress!  Hurray!  I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Next up - the kitchen. The kitchen has been prepped and now needs some paint. It will be much faster than the living and dining room - there's no baseboard and there's only trim around the windows.  I'm confident that it wont take 

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  1. A lot of work!!! But it already looks fresh and clean and better. House will be beautiful when you're done, ain't no doubt about that! But I'd rather have Charlie's job when it comes to painting than your job. Hate to paint but love the result.