Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plans, Plans, Plans

My good friend Kristin said it best - "The potential is killing me! How cute is your house?!"  The answer to that is - pretty darn cute.  There are a lot of things I would like to do to this house and my hope is that I do this beautiful home justice.  I'm going to do my best to make decisions carefully and not rush projects.  

So here's the list -

- clean the garage
- go through items that were left
- uncover garage window

That's my kind of list; nice and short.  Too bad they aren't all like that.

Back Yard: 
- clean up
- move or ditch the bird bath
- reseed the yard to get some fresh grass 
- fix gate
- rake
- clean fence
- paint doors to the basement
- add in motion-sensor lights
- clean/paint solar lighting on fence 

- update sconce by backdoor 
- new counter tops
- add dishwasher
- paint
- clean blinds
- add curtains
- update switch and outlet covers
- clean paint off of door knobs
- replace back door knob (add deadbolt)
- put in new faucet
- add knobs to cabinets
- update ceiling light
- add board and batten to entry

Dining Room:
- paint
- clean blinds
- remove curtains
- remove border
- update switch and outlet covers
- replace light covers in ceiling fan
- hang new curtains

Living Room:
- clean blinds
- frame mirror on closet door (or take it off)
- remove paint from door knobs
- replace front door knob (add deadbolt)
- paint
- update switch and outlet covers
- hang new curtains
- add carpet

I know, I know.  Everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy for wanting to cover these floors.  So allow me to explain my reasoning -

1. wood floors are cold and echo-y. 
2. they are slippery - which means no where to play with the pup in the house
3. rugs are flipping expensive and I can never find one I like
4. Where will I sit on the floor and wrap presents if I don't have carpet?
5. I like carpet.
6. I really like carpet.
7. Charlie likes carpet. 
8. I hate sweeping.
9. My brother-in-law use to install carpet for a living - hello free labor. 

and just to round it off...

10. I like it. End of story.

See this dog? She likes carpet.  We spent a few hours at the house the other night and she was on that carpet whenever she could be.  If it makes you feel any better, I'm covering the section of the floor that's not very nice.  See that line?  On one side, there's nice hardwood and on the other there's dark/dirty hardwood.  The dark/dirty stuff is the living room.  It's not very nice.  

Ok, back to business.

The stairs:
- add bigger strips of carpet for slip prevention. 
- paint the bannister and stair fronts white (this is actually cream, not white)

- paint walls to match living room (?)
- paint bannister
- paint attic door
- replace light fixture

The White Room:
- remove curtains
- clean shades
- update outlet and switch covers
- update light shades in ceiling fan
- remove paint from door knobs
- add open shelving
- add shelving in closet
- put in grounded outlet for ac and computer
- hang new curtains

The Green Room:
- paint
- hang curtains
- update switch and outlet covers
- add grounded outlet for ac
- clean shades
- remove paint from door knobs
- remove stars from the ceiling (I never thought I'd have to do that again)

- oh boy
- this list
- is going to be
- way too long
- remove wallpaper
- update flooring
- get new vanity with cabinet
- put in new/awesome/dream toilet (yes, I have a dream toilet.  If I could find it online I would show it to you.  It's amazing.)
- remove and replace tile
- clean blinds
- add new curtains
- replace shower curtain rod
- add shelving above sink
- add hooks to the wall behind the door
- add glass front cabinet for storage
- new sink
- new faucet
- add tub with jets
- replace sconces by mirror
- update switch and outlet covers
- paint

Some of that will never happen, but I can dream can't I?

Bedroom #3: (the closet)
- add rods for hanging clothes
- remove wallpaper
- paint
- update light fixture
- clean blinds
- add shoe storage

That's it.  Not too bad, right?  Ha, I wish.  I guess it's good to set goals.  I keep reminding myself that John and Sherry don't expect to get everything done right away and that's what they do for a living.  So I'm going to try to remember that.  Plus, even if I get impatient, I won't have the time/money to get it all done right away. 

There are a few projects that are the same for every room in the house.  For example, all the trim and doors in the house are cream.  Someday I would like for them all to be white.  I'm thinking about completely stripping the paint from the doors and staining them.  Not sure yet, but it's an idea worth thinking about.  This is one of those houses where you can tell everything has 10 layers of paint.  Everything would feel so fresh if I could start over.  Many of the hinges have been painted and same goes for the windows, but (thanks to Pinterest) I've found a way to remove paint from hinges.  

Switch and outlet covers vary from wall to wall.  One wall in the living room has cream color plastic, while the next wall has gold metal covers.  Some switch are brown, some cream, some are clear with a red light inside.  Some are just plain scary.  Eventually I would like them all to be white.

Overall, the house just needs a refresher.  A clean coat of paint in each room will go a long way. 

Now if I could just find the time to get over there and actually get started...

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  1. WOW!!I imagine this list seems rather daunting, but, what a fabulous idea, now as you scratch the jobs off that you complete you will have such a sense of achievemnet & on the upside, its all yours. Good luck with your house adventures, Im looking forwrd to seeing the progress. I think when you take your time , your ideas eveolve & you get something even more homely than first planned!