Friday, March 1, 2013

March Desktop Wallpaper

UPDATE: Due to a small calendar mistake and issues with quality - all calendars have been updated as of March 2 at 10pm.

This month's calendars feature photos I took while in Asia.  No surprise there right?

I hope you enjoy this months calendars!  Directions for downloading are below.

Same ol' same ol':
1. You get the option of downloading the photo with or without the calendar.
2. There are two different sizes to choose from: 2560x1440 and 1920x1200.  

Click the link for the calendar you want.
- The link will take you to my Picasa account.
- Select "Download photo" from the Download drop-down menu

A polite reminder: these photos are for personal use only. Thanks! 

1920x1200 no calendar

1920x1200 no calendar

1920x1200 no calendar

I hope you had a wonderful week.  I get to end my week with a date! Yup, I'm going on a date tonight with the handsomest 2 year old I have ever met.


  1. Oh lordy, thank you for the beautiful download desktop pictures!!! I made ours the beach scene, out here in the country I need that! ha! Have fun on your date ;-)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! Enjoy the view! I have the same one on my computer. I miss that water!

  2. Lovely as always! Thanks for making my desktop look so beautiful each month.

    And I agree, your date is very handsome.