Friday, March 29, 2013

A Bed Fit for a Queen

The queen, of course, being Charlie.

As the home preparations have begun, I'm starting to take stock of what furniture I need.  There are a few storage items I'll need to buy (shelves, clothing storage, etc.) but for the most part I have everything I need.

Next up - things I want for my new home.  The very top of the list - a bed frame and headboard.  I want a bed frame.  Really.  I want one so badly.  I know I don't need it, but I want it.  I'm sick of staring a boxspring and using three pillows to relax in bed.  I tried using just two, but I kept hitting my head on the wall.

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For that very reason, I want an upholstered headboard with some cushioning - preferably tufted.  You know where I'm running into a problem? The price.  I know, big shocker.  Seriously, are these things made with golden thread or something?  The headboard you see above would set me back $1200.  Yikes and no thank you.

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This headboard is beautiful.  I love the deep navy and the wings on the side.  The nailhead trim adds beautiful detail.  Regular price - $912.50.  Sale price - $519.95.  I say again, yikes.  It's beautiful, but that price doesn't even include a frame.  It's just the headboard.

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The bed is a great color and has the wings and frame.  I'm not crazy about the frame being upholstered, but I'm not afraid to compromise a little on that.  However, I'm not going to compromise on price - $725.46.  Dang it.

I shared my woes with my mom who said "Can't you just make that?"  Yes. I can. Dang it.

There are many tutorials out there for making your own tufted headboard.  My favorite is this one from Sarah at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.  It's absolutely beautiful and it only cost $140.  This is the reason I can't spend $800 on a headboard.  When I know there is a possibility of making a beautiful headboard for such a great price, I can't possibly pay 5 times that.

So here's my rant - I don't want to do it myself.  I have hours and hours of painting ahead of me.  After I'm done painting, I have hours and hours of moving/unpacking ahead of me.  After I'm done moving, I have many other projects I'd rather be doing.  Can't I just buy it?  Really, I just want to buy it.

Also, I'm not sure that I have the skills to complete such a project and have it turn out perfect.  It would drive me crazy if something was crooked or wrinkled.  So this task is a little too scary for me to handle by myself.

I'm a little frustrated that IKEA doesn't have better options.  I'm not expecting a tufted headboard, but some new options would be nice.  They've had the same designs for the past 2 years.  I know this because I've been looking for that long.

Are you feeling my frustration yet?

All of this frustration has led me to several conclusions:

A) Suck it up. Save the money. Pay the big bucks.
B) Suck it up. Ask for help. Be patient. Make it myself.
C) Suck it up. Make the best of what I've got.

For the time being, I'll be going with option C, but not without a little heartache.  I really want a headboard and bed frame, but I'm going to suck it up and make the best of what I've got.  When things slow down and everyone's got more time - I'll go with option B.

A question for you - do you have a bed frame? If so, where did you get it?


  1. I bought this for my guestroom:

    It is very plush and the tufts are deep. I am a serious DIYer, but I could not make a headboard that looks as nice for $300.

    Search for coupon codes to get an even better deal!

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! That is a great price!! Thanks for sharing it with me!


    This is a website I found, and you can put in your price guidelines. A lot of them seem to be from, and come with free shipping too.

    Hope it sets the search in a new direction! :)

    1. Thats a great website! I definitely need to check that out! There are some really great headboards in there!

  3. Thanks for including our headboard!! :) I would definitely recommend an extra set of hands, it is big and awkward to hold alone when pulling fabric tight (and tufting!)

    1. You're headboard is amazing Sarah! I think I'll have to wait to tackle that project until I get some more hands-on experience with power tools :) Good luck on CWTS! Can't wait to see you're next project!