Saturday, February 16, 2013

Koh Samui

The second destination on our trip was Koh Samui. It's an island off the coast of Thailand and its absolutely beautiful. Esther got us a great resort right on the beach.

We've decided that the sun in Thailand is stronger then it is on the east coast. We were in direct sunlight for 30 minutes the first day and we both got burnt - me worse than Est. The last day we were there we parked ourselves under a tree for the day. We spent 35 minutes in the water and got burnt again - even though we were both wearing 50 spf sunblock. Keep in mind that we are super white and get burned on a regular basis, but this was bad even for us.

During our time in Samui we went snorkeling, hiking, shopping, and kayaking. We also went for an elephant ride. We ate the best mango I have EVER tasted and sampled authentic Thai cuisine. Samui was beautiful and I'm so glad We had the opportunity to go there.

The best part - we got wifi on the beach. If you know me, you know how perfect that is for me. I lounged in a chair, listened to a new James Patterson book, and browsed Pinterest - all while enjoying the absolutely perfect weather with my toes in the sand. Does it get any better than that?

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  1. What a fun adventure you two are having. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures when I come for a visit in a few months. I also look forward to seeing your new house!