Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bangkok - the rest of the story

A warning - I'm terrible at story telling.  I'm just not any good at it.  I'm aware of this and I've accepted it.  So here's the deal - I took photos of the things that interested me and that's what I'll tell you about.  I'll spare you the boring details.  Otherwise, before we know it, it'll be like we're stuck at the neighbors house for their vacation slideshow and we're only on carousel 3 our of 10.

Esther and I spent two days in Bangkok.  We had a great time.  One of the best things about Bangkok was the sky train - traveling around the city couldn't have been any easier.  It wasn't great for my fear of heights, but it was air conditioned and that was all I cared about.

I'm not a big fan of having my photo taken, so when Esther reached for her camera, I reached for mine, too.

I'm sorry. I'm watching the latest episode of White Collar - it's very good and very distracting.  I have a lot of catching up to do, my queue is overloaded with episodes I've missed.  And as well all know, I love me some tv.  Ok, back to Bangkok.

On our first day in Bangkok, we took the water taxi to see the sights.  It was one of the best parts of the trip because we got to see a lot of the city.  Luckily, the waters weren't as rough it looks, but we did wear our seasickness bracelets (just in case).

Along the way, I got to take some photos of beautiful flowers.

We had a wonderful time in Bangkok and it was really beautiful.  Also, we did a lot of shopping. A lot of shopping.

Esther had heard about a market that was huge - so we took a small suitcase with us.  I thought she was a little crazy.  Little did I know that we would fill that entire suitcase.  I've never brought home so many souvenirs from a trip.

Tomorrow's post - Koh Samui.  It was my favorite part of the trip and I can't wait to show you the picutres.

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