Friday, January 4, 2013

Trohv Inspiration

A few weekends ago, I took a trip with my good friend, Kristin, to a little store called Trohv.  I had never been to Trohv before and I definitely want to go back.  It's basically Anthropologie, but earthier and more rustic (if that makes any sense).

Though I wanted to buy everything in the store, I only came away with some washi tape and gray bakers twine (finally).  I may not have come home with a full car, but my head is now spinning with ideas.  

These little tags are so adorable and would add a great personal touch to any gift.  This is something I could definitely make myself, so I didn't purchase any.

This yarn candle was so cute and I thought about buying it, but I don't burn candles so it would have been completely useless to me.  The design of the cocktail shaker packaging is brilliant and inspiring - it's always good to be reminded that simple is good.

Someone please explain to me when anchors became the new chevron.  They are everywhere!  Honestly, I don't know that I would even have noticed, but Esther and her friends are all really into them.  I love how they are being used in design and I just might have to get myself an anchor. I might have thought about getting this anchor iPad case, but I just sold mine.

This wood block ornament was such a great idea.  The design is incredibly simple (all you need is paint and a q-tip) and it started me thinking off all the great ornaments you could make with just a block of wood and paint.

Some of the most interesting things in store like Trohv and Anthro are the creative things they use to display the items for sale.  The metal bins in this shelf are amazing.  I would love to have this in my kitchen or craft room.  I bet you could make something like this pretty simply (a.k.a. my dad could make me something like this).

Stores like Trohv always seem to have a good sense of humor.  These "Bathe like a Pirate" washcloths almost came home with me as a gift to my favorite nephew, but he's not quite old enough to appreciate them yet.

How amazing are these bookends?  So simple and so amazing, all at the same time.  As I walked around this store and became totally inspired I realized three things: 1) I could make all of this stuff, 2) I really need to learn how to use the more serious tools in my dad's shop and 3) I need to learn how to sew.

 There's that anchor again!  This time I found it on the packaging for Sailor & Siren salt and pepper shakers. I wonder which one is the pepper.  Probably the siren since she seems a little spicy with that clam shell bra.

These moose heads were definitely in my top ten favorite things at this store.  I LOVE them and I want them, but I want to make my own.  Guess I'll have to learn how to use the band saw without loosing any fingers.

Kristin and I both loved this creative use of wooden spoons as decoration.  You could also do this on a smaller scale for some handmade kitchen art.  Colors are always key in projects like this - the wrong color scheme could really ruin the project.

Now you see why I said my head is spinning with ideas.  I loved that store and I can't wait to go back!  I'm very jealous of all the folks in Baltimore who have one right around the corner!

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