Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Goings On

Was your holiday season as crazy/hectic/wonderful as mine?  I truly had a great holiday, so let me catch you up.  During my December/January I....

...watched my nephew overtake my puppy's favorite bed.

...hid my nephew from a visitor by letting him climb into my sweater because he was "shy of her." 

...watched my dog bring Hannah a hot dog in hopes that Hannah would throw it.

...gave my nephew the idea to color his dad's tattoos and didn't even get in trouble for it.

...told Cameron to make a scary face and, as usual, he made it look cute.

...took photobooth-like photos with my favorite neighbors at our favorite smorgasbord.

(this time it was not my idea)

...learned that my dad looks good in pink head phones. some quality time with my cute, adorable, lovely pup. to experience Hannah's first Christmas.

...watched Esther turn into an old lady in the cold weather in NYC.

...saw The Rockette's with my family.  It was in 3D! separated from my family in the crazy busy M&M store in NYC.

...watched my favorite niece fall in love with my favorite little boy.

...found a cockroach in a gift.

...bought these giraffe's at the Muji store, put them together, and spent 2 hours painting them. more cuddle time with my pup.  Pretty sure pigs were flying that day.

...tortured my pooch by putting her favorite chocolate so close and yet so far.

...had a heart attack when I saw Target's amazing new collection and walked away in tears, empty handed.

...went to our favorite restaurant with my favorite family. my picture taken by Cam.

...recieved this amazing bowl as a gift from my mom.  She made it herself.

...sent this photo to my best friend, Katie, with the caption "Charlie says Hi."

...took this picture of my favorite niece looking adorable as always.

...went to HomeGoods and saw many things I like, but could not afford.

for the kitchen
for craft room organization
for the mudroom
for the kitchen 
for the bathroom
for the living room

...had some more cuddle time with the pooch.  Pretty sure hell was freezing over that day.

...watched my nephew turn a sheet into a playground.

...bought a bench at HomeGoods and found out Charlie didn't know how to get down.

...watched my thermostat get a mind of it's own and go from the set 69 to 75.  So hot.

...may or may not have sent this photo to my family with the caption "I'm too sexy for my inhaler, too sexy for my inhaler, so sexy it hurts."  In case you are wondering, I learned that I most likely have asthma triggered by allergies.  Insert sarcastic "wahoo" here.

...saw how attached my dog is to my mom.  Buds for life.

I'd say it's been a good few months.

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  1. Great entertainment for a house-bound, sneezing, coughing, sick aunt on a cold, rainy day!