Monday, January 14, 2013

The Big Moment Came...and Went

As you may have seen in this post, last Friday I put in an offer on a house.   They had to let me know by Saturday if it was accepted or not, so the waiting began.  Of course, I spent the whole night worrying and checking my phone.  I probably picked it up and put it back down once a minute.  

Saturday morning came and still not word.  I spent the morning visiting with friends and playing with a very sweet little baby boy.  It was a very welcomed distraction!  By 1 pm I still hadn't heard anything, so I went to Target.  I wandered the aisles for over an hour and then finally my phone rang.

Standing by the jeans in Target, I listened to my realtor explain that the offers were very close, but it came down to the inspections - I had asked for more than the other people and my offer wasn't accepted. 

For the next hour or so, I was really feeling like I had missed out on something great.  But, then again, it was also an answer to prayer.  I had asked God to make it clear obvious to me whether I should have the house or not.  Well, you can't get any more obvious than your offer not being accepted!  It's one of those things where I can't see past the now, but I'm sure God has something better in mind.  Plus, if He didn't want me to have then I don't want it.  

I'm going to take some time off from the home search since a) my next few weeks are going to be ca-razy and b) my Pinterest addiction is off the charts.  

Nine times out of ten when I head to Pinterest I go right to the DIY and Craft section.  But with having a house on the horizon, the Home Decor section was kicking my butt with ideas and making me really wish I had a home.

Here's what I found that I LOVE:

This closet makeover by The house of Smiths is truly incredible.  I love the open feel of this space and all the storage.  I imagined myself coming home from work everyday, letting Charlie out to do her business in our fenced in back yard and then sitting down to switch to my at-home shoes and sweater just like Mr. Rogers.  Doesn't this space just make you want to relax?  

In the area I'm looking in, having a laundry room like this is a pipe dream.  Laundry rooms are always in dark and dirty unfinished basements that are almost always creepy.  This laundry room is inviting and bright, it even make me enjoy folding!

This living room from Crafy Teacher Lady is so inviting.  It makes me want to plop down on that couch, tuck my feet under a cozy blanket and watch Seven Briders for Seven Brothers for the 100th time.  I love how the deep blue works with the neutrals in the room.  

And just so you know, this kitchen from Remodelaholic is what my kitchen was going to look like. Well, more modern, but nonetheless - gray and white cabinets.  Love love love this.  The kitchen in the home I was looking at had oak cabinets - definitely not my favorite.  When I saw this on Pinterest I thought, I can actually do that!  I try to keep project goals realistic and this is something I could handle.

You might be noticing a trend - neutral tones throughout.  I didn't notice this until a few days after I started madly pinning home ideas.  It may seem boring at first, but when you have neutrals as your background you can bring in colorful items and fabrics to liven things up.  

Like this kitchen cart from Ikea.  This little cart can bring a great pop of color to a neutral space.  It would have looked wonderful in "my" kitchen.

This inch worm from West Elm is definitely going to belong to me someday.  He will be on my hutch and I will name him...well, he'll get a name when he's mine.  

Though I didn't make a big huge ginormous purchase this weekend, I did come through with new knowledge on the whole process.  I learned that you can never have too much money saved for closing costs and down payments.  I learned how excited I really am to have my own home.  I learned that I have the confidence and ability to do this on my own.  I learned that I'm really looking forward to home projects and mowing lawns and shoveling sidewalks.  I learned that "fenced-in backyard" is very much number one on my priority list, followed by "lots of windows" and "off-street parking."  I learned how much it would most likely cost to buy a washer, dryer and a dishwasher.

I also learned that no matter how much I love a house, it's not my decision and I need to steadily walk in the direction God leads me.


  1. I'm gonna love your house!!! I especially love that laundry room. That area is usually the pits in most homes and this one is pretty and inviting. Actually, it has a "clean" look which is great for a laundry room. I'm saving that picture!

  2. You definitely don't want to skip the inspection, especially on your first house. Gotta love how much God knows what He's doing!