Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Hannah

This little lady melts my heart.  She's just 4 months old and is such a genius already.  She rocks tummy time and talks all day.

I babysat this little gal for the first time ever on Sunday.  It was quite the experience.  Char gave me the rundown on her schedule and a brief how-to on bottle making.  My mom was going to be back from church at any time, so Char and I both figured she'd be in charge of bottle making.

Welp, we got that wrong.  Schedules changed and I was alone with Hannah and Cam for about 90 minutes.  Bottle making is more stressful than it should be and I was definitely stressing over it.

In the end, everything went fine.  I learned firsthand that Hannah is not a patient lady when she is hungry.  But once she's got what she needs, she's super low maintenance.

Since there was actually sun on Sunday, I took advantage of that and grabbed some photos of my favorite girl.  I took over 200 photos of this little lady and was fortunate enough to end up with 15 great ones.  This little girl is quite the baby model.

Look at her holding her head up like a champ.  She's not quite into multi-tasking yet.  I didn't get a head up and a smile at the same time, but I came pretty close.

It's hard work being a baby model.  At one point she wanted to throw in the towel...

But she pushed through and did a great job.  What a lovely lady.

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  1. She just keeps getting cuter!! Can't wait to hold her!!!