Friday, January 11, 2013

Something to Remember

Today is Friday.  Today is also the day (Lord willing) that I will be putting in an offer on a house.  I'm so excited I could scream or cry or have a heart attack.  I want my own home desperately, but it comes with a lot of responsibility.

Honestly, I never thought I'd be doing this on my own.  What girls dreams of growing up, going to college, getting a great job, and owning a home - but doing it all by herself?  Not any girl I know.  But here's the thing.  First of all, I'm not a "girl" anymore, I'm a grown woman.  Second, I have an amazing family and I know I'm not doing this alone.  My dad will be asking me if I'm keeping up with repairs, Esther will be there to make sure I'm mowing the grass, Charlotte will remind me to be responsible with my money, Mom will be there telling me to be patient with home repairs, and Frank will be there to come up with genius ideas to save money on those home repairs.  I've got an amazing family, I really do.

So, am I scared?  Yes.  Can I do it anyway?  Yes.  At some point in my life I'm going to need to take on more responsibility.  I'll make mistakes along the way, but I'll learn from them and move on.

When I first posted about my home search a few days ago, my Auntie Karen left a wonderful comment that has stuck with me -

I know with prayer you'll "know in your knower" when it's right to get your own home and when you find the right one! Here's something I heard years ago that I personally took to heart when I'm making any major purchase - "Don't love something that can't love you back." Exciting time in your life!!

It's so true, isn't it?  This is an exciting time in my life!  And as much as I love this home, it can't love me back.  I've been praying a lot over the past few days.  This decision is important is not just mine to make, I need God's help.  Remembering that this home can't love me back, has been helping to keep things in perspective.

Now, I just need to hope home inspections go ok and offers are accepted and settlement dates are set.  There's still a long ways to go, but I've already got my hopes up.  I've already moved in my furniture, painted the rooms, and made some repairs (all in my head, of course).  If this doesn't work out, I'll be crushed, but I know God will just have something different planned for me.

Ok, enough about me, now lets talk about you.  More specifically, what I made for you -

This quote has really helped me over the past few days and I hope it helps you as well.  Though you may not be buying a home, I'm sure there is something in your life you can apply this to.  I have about 50 things on my "it can't love me back, get over it" list.

You can download the pdf here.

There are several color options:

I hope your weekend is lovely and I hope I can see you back here on Monday with some fantastic news about "my" new home.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter of this story!!! Hope you have a calm and relaxed weekend.