Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retail Therapy

Last weekend, as I was waiting to hear news about my house, I wandered the aisles at Target in desperate need of distraction.  

My plan was genius - Target is always a wonderful distraction, because instead of thinking about what's bothering me, I think about all the wonderful things I want to buy.

My plan was a flop.  Yes, I was thinking about all the wonderful things I wanted to buy.  BUT - I was also thinking about where they would go in my new home.  Seriously. bad. plan.  

Though I may not have gotten the house, I did walk away a fun purchase and some items to add to my future to-buy list.

We all know I have an addiction to bowls, so I shouldn't even go down this aisle.  These dip bowls were amazing.  As I stood their staring at them, I imagined all the things they would be perfect for: dip (obviously), sprinkles (who doesn't need a bowl for sprinkles?), earrings, paperclips, binder clips.  The list could go on and on.  I loved them, but (be proud of me) I didn't even buy one.

The next thing I came upon was this.  Normally, a deep orange doesn't stop me in my tracks, but this is different.  These shades of orange, yellow, and gray are the exact colors of the fabric I picked out for curtains.  It's amazing.  I haven't decided where the curtains will go (future dining room or craft room) but either way, I had to have this.  So perfect.

That's one thing I love about Target - that no matter the current season or style, I can always find something that I love, not just like, LOVE.  Here are some more things that I love -

Now this is a plant I could actually keep alive.  Ps. It's fake.

Functional items don't have to be boring and ugly.  

This reminds me of what I saw at Trohv.

This lamp is incredibly similar to West Elm's perch lamp (but bigger and less expensive).
It also comes in blue. 

The deep blue of this side table is really stunning.

Another functional item that is also stylish.

The color of these vases is what drew me to them.  The picture doesn't do it justice. 

I own one of these and it's my favorite clock.  It's subtle and classy.

Maybe the prospect of having my own kitchen threw me off my game, but there was something about these 2.5 foot utensils that intrigued me.

This is the hardware I had picked out for my future kitchen.  Let's not talk about it.  It's too depressing.

If the tops of these baskets were white instead of pink or teal, they would have come home with me.

I really love these baskets.  Target has them in several different sizes and they are a nice, affordable storage option. 

You may have seen these guys on my facebook page.  I love them.  Especially the rhino. 

Retail therapy is great, just remember to leave your wallet in the car.  Though, I must admit, I did a pretty good job this time around and only came home with that orange/yellow/gray dish (and some dog food).


  1. I have an addiction to bowls and cups, so Target is a dangerous place for me too.

    I love perusing their sales racks, they always have the best sales.

  2. OK...this gene runs in our family. I sometimes stop at Target and just look, or Pier 1, or Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc. Since I'm moving in a year, my best protection against purchase is thinking about the "fun" of packing what I own and paying to have it shipped! However, I need a new clock for my guest room and I love that clock you posted. I see a trip to Target in my near future.