Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pink to Gray - Frame Upgrade

Don't you love simple proejcts? I know I do!  Especially when a simple change makes a big difference!

These ornate frames are some of my favorites.  I guess I like the two extremes: incredibly simple and sleek frames  (like the Ikea Ribba frames) or very ornate frames.  Usually, these types of frames are very expensive and more than I'd like to pay.

When I saw this frame at TJ Maxx, I saw it's potential.  I don't like pink and I definitely don't like antiqued pink, but I knew this could be something special with a little help.

Check out all those tiny spaces - talk about detail! The detail is what makes me love this frame, but I knew painting it would be a chore.  So, I popped in some Mr. Darcy and got started.

I used the same gray paint I used for my walls (Gray Ghost by Olympic).  I was very surprised at how easily the paint stuck to the frame.  While painting the first coat, I was very careful to get good coverage and get paint in all the little details.  It barely needed a second coat, so that was done quickly.

It turned out exactly as I had hoped.  Now all it needs is a photo to fill the space.  I plan on finding a nice photo of my favorite niece to fill this frame - then this project will be complete!

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