Friday, January 25, 2013

My New Years Resolution

It may be a little late to start making resolutions, but I'm fine with that.  I'm still going to make one.  My new years resolution - make a book of 2012 photos.

When I browse Pinterest, I'm continually seeing pins about how to organize photos and how to get them printed.  With the age of digital photos, many people (myself included) don't typically print all the photos they take.  I'm very guilty of this.  The majority of the photos I take are for this blog, so though they don't get printed, they do get used.  But still, I should be getting them printed.  As one pinner said "Pass down albums instead of hard drives."

There are many photos that I love and would like to show people without having to pull out my phone or my blog.  So my goal in the next month is to go through all my photos from last year and get my favorites printed in a book.

This is the photo book I got printed last year.  I did the minimum amount of pages possible.  I was surprised at how many photos I could cram into those 20 pages.

I even had plenty of room to use full pages for just one photo.

Since this was also supposed to be somewhat of a photo portfolio, I focused on photos I had taken that I really loved that were also very beautiful.  But as we know, not every photo turns out perfectly.

For my next photo book, I want to fill it with all the photos that make me smile.  Like my instagram and iPhone photos.  They may not be beautiful, but I love them.

The hardest part of getting this whole thing started is committing a) sitting down and really searching out photos and b) the money.  These books aren't cheap, but they are worth the money.

This weekend is going to be jam packed for me.  I have to pack for a BIG trip (which I'll tell you about next week) and I'm going to get started on redoing my new/old chair.  I still haven't picked a color yet, so that might be a game time decision.

Also, it's supposed to snow today.  I'm very much hoping the weathermen are wrong.  I don't want 1-2 inches.  I want 10-12 inches!  I need to get snowed in!


  1. Love MyPublisher! They make the best books! What a great idea to make a book a year!

  2. It's sorta funny how things go in circles...when I started taking pictures we used to only have prints and photo albums and then digital came along and I pulled the photos out of all the albums and scanned them and trashed the hard copies. And now we never take any pictures but digital but it's a great idea to have a book made each year of the most memorable people and events! I haven't ever done that. I just ran a backup this AM of the 62,000 photos I've scanned and digital photos we've taken and it goes in our safe deposit box! Not sure if the good old days were the best or the good new digital long as we don't lose the photos that remind us of happy times and people we love that's what really matters. Thanks for the idea to do a photo book.