Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Choose Sleep

Every few months, I get myself into a bad habit of staying up late and getting up early.  Gross.  It's an awful habit that leaves me feeling tired and not at my best.  I usually end up staying up late because I'm working on fun projects.

Take last night for example - I was up until 12:45 working on a project for the upcoming women's retreat.   But then I was up at 7:40 for work.  Well, I was up at 7:40, but I wasn't out of bed until 8 (I have the luxury of living 5 minutes from work).

I may get to work on time, but I go in tired and I'm drinking coke at 10:30 to wake myself up (I seriously wish I liked coffee).  See!  It's a gross habit I've put myself in.

All that to say -

As I write this post at 8:30pm, I can barely keep my eyes open.  Tonight I need to get in bed early, so I can get a good nights sleep.  I have a few posts in mind that I want to write; target purchases, a small project, and some things I got at goodwill.  But those will have to wait for another night.  All I want right now is my bed and my pup.

1 comment:

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