Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harvey and Mike - Free Printable

Have you ever watched Suits? If you haven't, you need to start.  It's brilliant.  Best show ever.  The dialogue is quick and witty.  The law suits are clever and the characters are genuine.  It's a great show.

I was feeling inspired while watching the season premier, so I started sketching out an idea.

Normally, I don't sketch ideas because, well, I can't sketch.  But this one was pretty simple and it helped me iron out the details.  Once I had the suit design down, I found some quotes from the show to go with the rest of the design.

Then I made this -

I made myself a grid in Illustrator and then, using super simple line art, drew my interpretation of Harvey and Mike's suits.  After a little cleaning up I had this -

This is one of my favorite Harvey quotes.  He's a great character.  I like the grays in this design, but it's a little dark for my taste.

So I tried it in yellow.  It's much brighter and a little girlier, since this design is pretty manly.

But I didn't stop there, why would I?  I changed up the quotes and colors since I couldn't decide on a favorite.

Ok, I change my mind.  This one is my favorite. I think I'm going to print this out and hang it in my cubicle at work.  Right next to the card I have that says "You're so gangster."  Every cubicle needs a little humor! 

You can download the free pdf here.  All the designs are included.  Have a great Thursday!


  1. The last quote is my favorite! What a fun download. Thanks!

  2. Could you do one for Louis Litt too ?