Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas and the Future

I'm an iphone cover junkie (as Mel would say) and Esther and Charlotte are my enablers.

Esther got me this case for Christmas and I love it.  I've already used it during a trip to NYC and it was perfect.

When you open it up, there are two slots for credit cards and a pocket for cash.  Perfect for a day when you don't want to carry a purse.  Not only are the pockets perfect, but check out the color!  Love! 

ps.  Blake Shelton is my new music crush.  I'm not normally into country music, but this album is pretty awesome.  Have you listened to Addicted?  Love it.  Also, Ready to Roll is pretty darn country and makes me want to throw on some boots, get on my horse, and then (most likely) fall off.  I wasn't born a cowgirl, but this album makes me wish I was.

Charlotte, the toughest judge of my case addiction, bought me this sprinkle case.  I love it because it's a real photo of sprinkles.  Plus, it's so colorful and fun!  I get a lot of compliments on this little sucker. 

I found this little guy in my stocking this year.  It's a stand you can use in the car (to hold your phone like a gps) or at home.  It's awesome and so perfect.

Esther got me this cool case for business cards - which I guess means I should get some business cards.  Sweet! Another design project to add to the list! 

This is one of my favorite gifts.  Esther MADE this bowl. Esther made it!  How cool is that?  I love the color fade from blue to white.  It's awesome.

You know what it's perfect for?  Wilbur buds.  

This little guy that Cam has named "Owllie" was a gift to me from my aunt and cousins.  Seriously, my family knows me well.  He's so cute and fun!  When I opened this gift, Charlie thought it was for her.  Nope, not for you dog. 

Owllie and Charlie aren't on speaking terms.  

My mom made me these pot holders and towels for my future kitchen (which I have decided will be gray, white, and purple).  I can't wait to use them! 

This was definitely one of my favorite gifts.  My dad designed and made this candle holder for each of the girls in our family.  

He designed the candle, had the pieces last cut in metal, somehow glued them together, sand blasted, and then painted them.  It's awesome.  I love it.  

It will look wonderful in my future dining room. For now, it's looking amazing on my side table right behind me. 

Christmas left me with some amazing gifts.  Unfortunately, in my current-two-room-suite-situation there is not room enough for everything.  Many things were packed away right after opening them.  Moving into a new home and opening all of these things is going to feel like another Christmas.  

In related news - I've started the home buying process.  I have a home in mind that I love, but there are several steps that still need to happen before putting in an offer.  Number one being prayer.  This is a huge step and I want to make sure it's the right one.  Right now, I'm praying that God will make this decision clear for me.  I'm also praying that if God wants me to say no, he'll make it impossible for me to say yes (i.e. I don't get approved or the home inspection turns up something ridiculously expensive to fix).

It's hard for me to say no to something I selfishly want so bad! This is one of those time when you want your parents to make the decision for you, but they won't because you're supposed to be an adult.  Dang it.  

Any life-changing-decision-making volunteers out there?


  1. I'm sick...hence the silence during many postings but I'm viewing and loving 'em as always! I know with prayer you'll "know in your knower" when it's right to get your own home and when you find the right one! Here's something I heard years ago that I personally took to heart when I'm making any major purchase - "Don't love something that can't love you back." Exciting time in your life!!

  2. Oh - forgot to add to my other comment that I got a candle holder just like yours from your talented Dad too! I LOVE it!! During the colder months I always have lit candles in our living room in the evenings!!