Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Mushroom for His Mama

Esther got Cam/Charlotte the coolest thing!  It's a wind chime shaped like a mushroom.  The best part is that Cam gets to paint it.

Believe it or not - this is his "cheese" face not his I-just-ate-shrooms face.

Est and Cam worked on it together and Cam did an excellent job painting.  He didn't even get any paint on himself.

Seriously, this kid is so cute.  I can't stand it.  He makes my heart melt.  Being an aunt is one of my favorite things ever in the history of the world.


  1. I'm brasilian
    so cute this baby!!

    acompanho o blog ja faz quase 1 ano e vejo as fotos do bebê e a cada dia ele fica mais lindooo!!

    xo xo

  2. I agree with the first comment - Cam is one super cute little boy. I love his hair this way too. What a fun gift Esther gave him and Char.

    And you know, I feel the same way about being an auntie as you do!!! I remember when four little adorable kids came to see us in Alaska many years ago! And I might add they all grew up to be adorable adults!!