Monday, December 3, 2012

Wrap It Up

It's that time of year again!  Time to watch Christmas movies and wrap presents!  Last year, I just picked out some nice paper and cute bows.  This year, as I was doing my third lap at Target, I stopped in the Christmas section and was inspired.

I bought three different designs - colorful stripes, wood grain, and silver dots on gold paper.  Honestly, I can't even believe I like the silver dots one, but I guess tastes change, right?  Also, the gold and silver ribbon was from Joann Fabrics.

It all started with this gift for my neice, Hannah.  This is her first Christmas and she'll only be 4 month old, so she won't enjoy this, but I still had fun wrapping it.

Hint - since wrapping paper is impossible to cut perfectly straight - use and end for any edge that will show.

I started with the striped wrapping paper and then added the kraft paper (a previous purchase from Target). But it still needed something - so I added a simple bow.

I made the bow by looping two pieces of ribbon and wrapping them with a third piece.  There's a lot of tape there, you just can't see it.  I also made this same bow with three loops (you'll see that a little later).

Honestly, you would laugh if you could see the back of some of these gifts, but hey, the front looks cute and that's all that matters!

Can I just say that I spent two hours wrapping six presents?  Mostly because I was watching season 7 of How I Met Your Mother and also because I kept redoing things as I went along.  It took two hours because I was taking my sweet time, but it was two hours well spent.

I used loops of kraft paper to make this bow and added washi tape for a little extra color.  At first, I didn't know if I would like this one altogether, but it's become my second favorite.  Lastly, I added the ribbon to add some sparkle and a cute transition from the wood grain to the kraft.

Now, I may have gone a little overboard on this one, but hey, it's Christmas.  If there's ever a time to go overboard, this is it.

The silver dots went down first, then I used a strip of leftover striped paper, wrapped it all in white string, and topped it off with a kraft paper bow.  This one is for Est, I figured she's like all of the crazy, colorfulness.

After going a little crazy with the beautiful metallics, I calmed things down with this awesome wood grain paper that I LOVE.  It's also more manly, so it will work perfectly for wrapping presents for the guys.

This bow is made out of kraft paper loops and washi tape.  This washi tape was a gift from Esther, but you can find very similar colors at Target.  Did you know Target has washi tape?  Check out their office section where they have all their cute and colorful paper clips, magnets, and pins.  They offer sets of three patterns in 4 colors.

Believe it or not - Target did not sponsor this post. I'm just obsessed with Target and I know when anything changes or they get anything new.  Yup, I'm weird like that and I have a feeling I'm not alone (shout out to Kelsey!).

This simple design was made with some left over paper.  You know how you always have to trim down wrapping paper to fit each box?  Don't throw the scraps away!  They make wonderful embellishments.

Last but not least, my favorite of the night.  This is a wild and crazy one, but I just love how crazy and loud it is.  When I bought the three different wrapping papers, I had no idea I would be using them all together until I got home.  My simple goal was to get something with gold and metallics since that is really in right now.  And when I saw the wood grain I just couldn't pass it up.

As much as I love how the gifts turned out when they are all wrapped, I'm more excited to give these gifts.  I love giving gifts.  I love the look on people's faces when they receive it and I love the feeling of giving something away.  It's wonderful.

Have you started wrapping your gifts yet?

No need to answer that question, Esther, I already know you didn't.  I'll make sure to save you some Gap bags so you can "wrap" your gifts 20 minutes before we open presents. :)


  1. You have like "designer" gifts and yes, I've wrapped the few I'll be giving but no way am I posting pictures of those anywhere...too totally traditional and boring.

  2. I must admit I don't wrap our gifts usually until Xmas Eve! Whoops! But we have been more organised this year and have already started buying some. Thats a first. ;

  3. Holy moly, I'm so inspired and somehow missed this wrapping paper at target yesterday! better go back.