Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Card

A few posts ago, I mentioned how I don't normally do Christmas cards.  I never really have anything going on and as a single person - it always felt a bit weird. But! This was a big year for me, so I figured I should write one.  Also, it gave me a wonderful excuse to spend some quality time in Illustrator.

Welp, here it is!  I decided to do a more traditional card/letter rather than just a photo.  I started with some inspiration from my "About Me" infographic.  Using the same dashed line and color scheme, I started by laying out the pieces.

The wrong color scheme can be my biggest road block.  I started this design with different colors, but kept getting stuck on layout and fonts.  Once I switched to the current color scheme, it was smooth sailing.

This section ended up being my favorite.  I like how the layout of the #2 box came out and I LOVE that picture of Charlie.  She's so cute.

The funny thing is that I had the layout and the number idea before I had any text.  Once I decided I wanted to do the one-four thing, I had to figure out what to pair with each number.  With a little help from my mom, I figured out a topic to go with each number.  Then I tried to write informative, but also funny paragraphs.  My rule - short and sweet.  People are more likely to read it if it's short.

My friend, Bethany, got a good laugh out of number four.  She's as much in love with her dog, Potter, as I am with Charlie.  I wouldn't be surprised if her doggie anniversary starts showing up on her Christmas cards.  Honestly, not writing a short paragraph about Charlie would have felt like a betrayal.  I'm pretty sure that even when I get married and have kids, I'll be including my doggie anniversary in the Christmas letter.

"Joe and I been married five years now.  Little Johnny is 3 and Sally is 1.  The kids are growing like weeds.  Charlie and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this year.  We've been together for almost a decade.  Time flies when you're having fun!"

No lie, it will read exactly like that.

Christmas is less than two weeks away.  I'm freaking out.  I don't have nearly enough done.  But eventually, I'll get all the gifts I needed to get.  Let's just hope that happens sooner rather than later.  At least I can cross "Christmas cards" off the list!

ps. Auntie Karen, no need to print this out from here to show to Grandma.  There's one in the mail for you and Uncle Lowell and for Texas Grandma!

pps.  If you see any typos in my Christmas letter, please don't tell me.  I will be mortified and since they are already sent out - it's too late to fix any mistakes! Eek!


  1. Now that is a Christmas letter that will get read. It's great!!! Looks perfect to me. That is a really, really good picture of Charlie. Can't wait to meet Joe, Johnny and Sally. TX Grandma will love to get the printed copy of your letter!

  2. Hey, gotta add something. There's no reason why a single person can't send out a Christmas letter!! Your family (you and Charlie)is way more fun to read about than lots of letters that come to my mailbox at Christmas. I say keep 'em coming!!