Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me

Whenever my family members buy something for themselves around Christmas time, the rest of us yell at them because we could have gotten it for them for Christmas.  Today, I am that person.

Technically, these were never on my list, so I might not get yelled at.  When I saw these babies at Barnes and Noble I just had to buy them.

These beautiful books are only $12.  Seriously.  I'm adding art to my home for only $12.  It doesn't get much cheaper than that.

These amazing designs were created by Jessica Hishe for Barnes and Noble.  They are stunning and make a wonderful addition to my little space.  When I buy classic books that are beautiful, I have one rule for myself: only buy what you have read.  I don't know why, but that is my rule.  I think it sort of authenticates the purchase in my mind - its ok to have 3 copies of Pride and Prejudice because I love it and I've read it several times.

After my tv obsession confession yesterday, you might not be surprised to find out that I'm not a big reader. I love books, but I just don't save time for reading.  Audio books are amazing.  I'd rather spend my time playing in illustrator and listening to a book than reading the book.

Listening to a book does not give me the same experience as reading a book, so I will never listen to Pride and Prejudice or The Hunger Games.  There are some books that are meant to be read and I always make sure to give them my full attention; P&P, Redeeming Love, and the Mark of the Lion series are books that I read over and over.

ps.  I strongly recommend The Mark of the Lion.  The book is absolutely amazing and it's an incredible love story.  It made me laugh and cry and I could not put it down.

Two things to remember about The Mark of the Lion:
#1 - the first 45 pages are tough to get through, but don't give up - you will not regret it.  I promise.
#2 - make sure to have book two ready for when you finish book one.  I finished book 1 at midnight and if any book store would have been open, I would have been in the car in .5 seconds on my way to get the next book.

Wow...I went off on a little rabbit trail there, didn't I?  But seriously, I cannot say enough how good The Mark of the Lion is.

Welp, time to go watch NBC and find out who the winner of The Voice is going to be!! I'm voting for Terry as of now.  Can two people win?  I want Cassadee and Terry to win.



  1. I'm not familiar with "The Mark of the Lion" series. Would this be something Grandma would enjoy reading as she likes to read outloud to her blind friend.

  2. Redeeming love is one of my favorites...but the Mark of the Lion Series? THE BEST! Would also HIGHLY recommend! By the way, your photos are fantastic. :)

    1. Hi! Thank you for your sweet compliment! And you're right - the Mark of the Lion series is simply amazing. I'm can't wait to read it again. I always try to wait a few years between re-reading books, so I don't ruin it :) Can't wait to get around to the Mark of the Lion again! -Virginia