Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hannah's Present

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally show you some of the gifts that I made for my family.  We'll start with Hannah's gift, since it's the most exciting (to me, anyway).

This little gift was made especially for my favorite niece.  I'll do my best not to point out all the flaws that are driving me crazy.

The design for the little girl and the mushrooms both came from the same book.  It's an embroidery book that my mom got me last year - Doodle Stitching.  It's a great book with many great designs.  I love it.

I used a stem stitch to embroider Hannah's name into the design.  Since I was having a hard time with the curves, I added a few extra loops to hold them in place.

The bow on the little girl turned out to be two of my favorite little details.  It's usually the simplest things that make all the difference.

First, I painted the hoop a cream color.  Then I used some very thin tape to tape off a line in the middle of the hoop.  Last, I painted on several coats of gold metallic paint so it's nice and shimmery.  There was some touch up needed once I peeled off the tape, but that was due to my impatience.  I put the tape on before that coat had fully dried.

I'd say "lesson learned" but I know I'll do it again.

 I love how it turned out and Charlotte did, too.  Mission accomplished.


  1. Love it! She's going to treasure that.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is adorable!! It looks beautiful.