Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Annie's Birthday Present

My dear friend, Annie, turned 13 last week.  Thirteen!  Seriously, when did that girl get that old?  Since 13 is a big one, I tried to go all out.  I designed her a few things for her room.

The first things I started with was this festive name illustration.  It fits in an 8x10 frame, so when she's over this, she still has a frame.

Next came this 5x7 print out of her new age - 13.  She's a teenager.  Oh my.  Annie is an artist and she loves lots of colors.  So, instead of leaving this one solid color, I made it several different colors.  The simple chevron pattern in the back adds a little depth without being too crazy and busy.

The last thing I framed was this 8x10 chevron pattern with a butterfly.  You can write on glass with dry erase markers, so I bought her a new pack of markers and an eraser to go along with this.  The butterfly was just to add something cute.  Plus, there aren't a whole lot of animals/insects I can make myself, but a butterfly I can handle.

Lastly, I tucked it all into a personalized purple bag.  I got this bag for free from Old Navy when I shopped during their stuff and save event.

This is the design on the bag.  Normally when I cut out stencils, I use freezer paper.  For some reason, the freezer paper was giving me issues, so I tried vinyl instead.

It cut out beautifully and transferred beautifully.  Unfortunately, the texture of the bag allowed for some paint seepage.  Aside from where the butterfly meets the bottom of the I, the seepage doesn't bother me.  It gives the bag a little more texture.

Do you like how I reason with myself to make mistakes seem totally acceptable?  Well, in this case I had to do a little reasoning since there is no way to fix that.

Either way, Annie liked it and that's all that matters.


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